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The First 4K 144Hz, G-Sync, HDR Monitor Up For Pre-order

The first 4K gaming monitor is finally about to become reality, though it has a serious price tag to match. It’s more or less the same story as the 1440P monitors when they first launched with their high refresh rates and notably high price to match its performance. Gaming is constantly progressing with the ever more powerful graphics cards, so it is time that the monitor tech caught up a little. Acer is one of the first to get to the pre-order stage with their X27 4K monitor that features a full 4K UHD resolution with 144Hz refresh rates, and, HDR to make it even more enticing. Furthermore, it has a peak brightness of 1000 nits, roughly 100 nits more than other 4K monitors currently on the market that support HDR. Here are some of its key specs: NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR IPS 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD), 144Hz Brightness: 600 nits / 1000 nits (Peak) 4ms (GTG) Response time HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.0 x 4 Predator Shield, Light Sensor Swivel, Rotate, Height Adjustments, VESA If you’ve got some cash to blow and you fancy yourself a new screen (or three?), then grab yours at Newegg.com now! The expected release date is June 1st, though this may change without notice.

ARCTIC Freezer 33 eSports Edition CPU Cooler Review

Arctic offers a great performing CPU cooler that has a variety of static color choices in the Freezer 33 eSports Edition. It offers a wide range of compatibility, working with most processors from Intel and AMD. The install is tedious at points, but the style is hard to beat with other coolers in the same price range.


A $200 Enterprise NVMe 960GB That Is Cheaper Than SATA Drives?

Newegg has a sale on an enterprise level NVMe SSD that ends up being cheaper than a lot of SATA SSDs with the same capacity. Some performance numbers can be a tad slower than expected, but the sequential read and write speeds can make this an excellent games drive.

Adata Spectrix D80 RAM, Liquid Phase-Change Cooling

Adata is about to shake up memory cooling with their latest design in the Spectrix D80. These RAM kits come with a sealed liquid that boils at low temperatures, helping cool the modules more efficiently in theory than a typical heat spreader. Overclock away!

Patriot Viper RGB RAM Has Glowing Eyes

I could tell you about the 3000 MHz speed, or the 15-17-17-15(?) timings, or the XMP 2.0 profile, but there's only one thing that really matters here. Glowing Snake Eyes!!! That's right, the eyes on the Viper logos actually glow on this DDR4 RAM! You have to admit that's pretty awesome right?

Team Group Has Proper RGB SSD Advertising Upon Release

Team Group not only released Delta RGB SSDs, but the advertising adequately clarifies between addressable and simple lighting. There's choices between white and black shrouds, as well as some really solid looking performance numbers.

What’s the Perfect Gaming Monitor? Where is it?

This guide will hopefully help you find the perfect gaming monitor. Size, refresh range, adaptive sync, price, and features like HDR are all part of a great viewing experience. The perfect monitor doesn't exist yet, but MSI, Samsung, ViewSonic, Asus and Sceptre have some close ones. Maybe a perfect one will exist soon!

Patriot Launches Trinity 3-in-1 USB Drive, We Definitely Need This

Patriot is giving the world what they desperately need with the Trinity 3-in-1 USB Drive. With a variety of capacities, you can use this with standard USB ports, Type C ports, and even micro USB ports. This is a lifesaver for people who need a versatile storage device.

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