Winter Giveaway 2013 Week 1 Winners Announcment!


Jul 10, 2012
Winter Giveaway 2013 Week 1 Winners Announcment!

Thank you to our wonderful list of sponsors that helped me put the PureOC Winter Giveaway 2013 together!! You are awesome!

A quick reminder. You will have 48hrs after this post goes up for you to claim your prize. Send me(Cyberburnout) a PM. Inlcuded Week, Prize you are claiming, Shipping information and phone number. I will send you a confirmation sometime today to let you know I received it. Prizes are not expected to start shipping until after the Giveaway is over so don't start asking me for tracking next week. Some may go out earlier some might not. Please Post Pics once you receive prize. There will be a prize thread once prizes start shipping out.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the opening week of the PureOC Winter Giveaway!!! Odds were 1-4! That is a great number!

And here we goooooooooooooooo......:rock:

VisionTek-Roc Doc Winners!

Nes--**Redraw Winner is SteveOX**

Enermax Prizes!

Coenus Case- Hakspromo
TwisterOdio Pad- TCC
Ivektor Case- Custis206

Lepa prizes!

MXF1 600w PSU+2 chopper fans- ForcedFlesh
Maxbron 700w PSU- Killjoyjim

NoiseHush I7-James86

Syba Prizes!
PC200-1- Oystersnag**Redraw Winner RRPLAY**
PC200-I - TeeBlack
Oblanc 5.1 Headset-Yes!Asain!

LCDSysInfo for GOverlay-Realneil

SunbeamTech/Tuniq/Raidmax/ Prize Packs!

Prize Pack1- F117**Redraw Winner Werty316**
Prize Pack2-Nwoel

and finally!

Roccat Prizes
Kone XTD and Hiro gaming Pad - xD3aDPooLx

Congrats to all of the winners! :cheer: Enjoy those prizes! No Haters please. No whining please!

Week 2 starts tomorrow!!!! We have some amazing gear going up from some amazing sponsors! Good Luck!
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Feb 20, 2010
Congrats to all the lucky winners, and thanks to PureOC and the great sponsors. Merry Christmas. :toast:


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Aug 13, 2012
Both of you guys followed the rules and had valid entries. Name just didnt come up this time. Now worries we have 2 more weeks left with a lot of great gear on the line!
I am inundated with frivolity! Here's to some luck in the coming weeks! :toast:

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