Welcome to Week 7 of Pure OC's 2013 Summer Giveaway !


Apr 25, 2008
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Welcome to Week 7 of Pure OC's 2013 summer Giveaway . This weeks giveaway is being sponsored by our friends at AIDA64, Eagle Tech, and Power Color !

To enter this giveaway, please join each sponsors Facebook page, you also have to share a link to this weeks giveaway, it's that easy.

If your not a member of Pure Overclocks forum, when you join, please remember to use the USER CP located top left hand side of this page, and fill out your system specs as well as your location.

AIDA 64 Extreme Giveaway:

We will be giving away key codes to this very popular benchmarking software, to seven very lucky forum members, each key code will be good for 1 year, so remember to hold on to your key code.

Eagle Tech Giveaway:

1: ET-ARHP200BHRF-BR Headset 2: ET-ARHP300FC-WH Headset 3: ET-ARHP300FZ-PK Headset 4: ET-AR306-BK -2.1 Speaker Kit 5: ET-AR-512LR-2.1 Speaker Kit

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PowerColor Giveaway:

One Turbo Duo HD7790

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This weeks giveaway will end next Saturday morning August 3rd by 11am EST, shipping will be provided by this weeks sponsors. Anyone living outside the USA that enters this weeks giveaway, and wins a prize, is responsible for paying his or hers duty fees and any taxes that may apply. Pure Overclock and our sponsors are not responsible for paying your duty fees or taxes.

Good Luck


New member
Jun 20, 2013
i want that white headphones thanks pureOC and PowerColor and Eagle Tech for this giveaway


Jul 10, 2012
A week packed full of great sponsors and prizes. Thanks to all the wonderful sponsors. My aunt has the Eagle Tech ET-Ar360-BK 2.1 system. Picked it up on amazon. Great price and dang that system rocks. Either of the 2.1 systems would be welcome in my home. I need better sound!

One of the best benchmarking software titles and a Powercolor 7790 up for grabs too. The exciment to see happy winners is overwhelming! Good luck everyone!!!


New member
Jun 21, 2013
Another sweet giveaway! Count me in! Good luck everyone.

Thanks PureOC, Aida64, Eagle Tech & PowerColor!


New member
Jul 5, 2012
I'm still in dire need of a good GPU, so definitely count me in on this week as well. If I win anything at all, I'll be surprised, but really hoping for that GPU, badly.

Thanks once more to the fine folks here at PureOC and additionally now to the sponsors: Eagle Tech, Powercolor and Aida64!

Once more, all steps done from my Facebook account and also I liked the thread on here ;) .

Also, last but not least, good luck and great blessings to all of us!


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Feb 20, 2010
Another week of great prizes. Thanks to AIDA64, Eagle Tech, Power Color, and of course PureOC. :rock:


New member
Jun 18, 2013
Good luck guys! As with every week, these are awesome prizes. Thanks again to the companies and to Stan!


New member
Sep 2, 2012
Q:...What's going on in the Tech world?

A:....Nutt'n..................'cept, PureOC's Super Summer 2013 Giveaway..........

Count me in............