Week 1 Of Pure OC's 2013 Summer Giveaway


Apr 25, 2008
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Welcome to week 1 of Pure OC's 2013 Summer Giveaway !

I would like to thank EK Water Blocks & Cooler Master for making the 1st week of our summer giveaway possible !

Lets get started, the EK Water Blocks giveaway will run for 7 days, and we will be giving away 1 prize every day. The Cooler Master Giveaway will run for 6 days, and we will be giving away 1 prize a day for this giveaway also. Please read shipping information, which is located at the bottom of this page.

Cooler Master Prizes

Day 1 & 2 CM Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W Day 3 & 4 CM Trigger Blue Switch Gaming Keyboards, Days 5 & 6 CM Seidon 120XL

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EK Water Blocks Giveaway Days 1 & 2 EK-RES X3 150 Days 3 & 4 EK-Supremacy Clear-Nickel water blocks Days 5 & 6 EK-Kit L240 Day 7 EK-Kit L360

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To enter both giveaways, please join Facebook pages for EK, & Cooler Master and like their page, also share this giveaway link.

Shipping information:

As far as shipping goes, EK will ship anywhere, but each person that wins has to pay the duty fee, so if you do not have the funds to pay the duty fee, do not enter this giveaway.

The Cooler Master giveaway is for US and Canada only, however any one living out side this area can enter the giveaway, as long as you have a friend or relative living in the US or Canada that would be willing to accept your prize and ship it to you. Please make sure you trust this person, EK, Cooler Master and Pure OC will not be held responsible if they do not ship your prize to you.

This giveaway was supposed to be for EK & Primochill, however we are waiting on another package to arrive from Primochill, so their giveaway will be held at a later date, most likely in July

One last thing, when you join Pure OC's forums, please click on the User CP located top left of this page, and add your system specs and location, this must be done as part of all our giveaways.

Thanks, and good luck


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Jul 15, 2012
Really need to upgrade my 550w PSU so count me in! My aunt is living in LA, California :D


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Jul 21, 2012
Done! Hope I can win a thing or 2 this time around. Thanks Pure OC, EK and Cooler Master!!


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Apr 11, 2013
So it has begun!
Count me in!
I've just shared everything on Facebook etc.!
My name is Daan van Monsjou if you want to check :)
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Dec 22, 2009
LET ME IN! Duty tax? no problem! US? got lots of cousins their... CANADA?.. MY SISTER LIVES THERE! YEY!

Bill Barnes

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Jul 6, 2012
Liked and shared! I shared the EK contest link dont see the Cooler Master link yet! Which Cooler Master link on Facebook has posted the Giveaway link am I missing it?? Will be watching for it!! Good luck to all this is going to get exciting around here!