Steiger Dynamics unveils "LEET" liquid cooled HTPC

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Mar 9, 2009

HTPC Reinvented
The LEET™ is a full spec, custom-built PC with a distinct design, form factor, and functionality for the living room. By integrating media center, server, and high-end gaming functionality, the LEET™ represents a whole new generation of home computers – blurring the line between enthusiast desktop PCs, gaming consoles, and home entertainment devices. Connected to a Full HD (3D) TV and surround sound system, the LEET™ delivers an unprecedented high-definition gaming and home entertainment experience to the PC, audio, and video enthusiast. Due to its sleek design, ultra-silent operation, and easy integration with other home theater components, the system perfectly blends into any existing living room setup.

“The living room will play an increasing role in PC gaming. Enthusiasts are looking for the maximum graphics and entertainment experience. Needless to say, their modern living room is more suitable for this than their office. With the LEET™ we created a product that will get PC gamers out from behind their desks,” says Martin Hehensteiger (Co-Founder & CEO, STEIGER DYNAMICS).

“We achieved our goal of creating the ultimate no-compromise living room computer with all the performance and functionality one could possibly imagine. Simply put, the LEET™ is the very best HTPC ever built,” says Martin Gossner (Co-Founder & CTO, STEIGER DYNAMICS).

Mind-blowing Graphics
The LEET™ features up to a 4K-ready Quad-SLI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 configuration. Connected to a large screen TV or projector, the LEET™ lets you play latest PC games with astonishing Full HD graphics, all while sitting in the comfort of your couch.

“The LEET™ utilizes the full potential of EVGA NVIDIA based GeForce graphics cards,” says Bob Klase (VP of Sales, EVGA). “It handles with ease the most graphics-intensive current and future games in high-definition and stereoscopic 3D. All while using the highest possible graphics settings. On a large TV, this experience is entrancing and immersive.”