New CGMiner Released v3.0


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Mar 2, 2012
New version of CG miner has been released. I'm downloading now, crossing my fingers the 7970 series will mine litecoins better with it.

You can grab the newest version here: Index of /apps/cgminer


Feb 24, 2012
Sweet, I found the changelog here: -- tons of stuff changed!

Version 3.0.1 - April 25th, 2013

- Bypass attempting to read and save binary files on OSX to avoid crashes on >1
- Receive failures in recv_line should unconditionally fail.
- Use sock_blocks in api.c
- Use sock_blocks function for stratum send and receive.
- Create an OS specific sock_blocks function.

Version 3.0.0 - April 22nd, 2013

- Further fix distdir for hexdump.c
- Fix build and distdir.
- Remove all CPU mining code.
- compile on win32
- Update SCRYPT README with improved hashrates for 7970.
- Use copy_time helper throughout cgminer.c
- Provide wrappers for commonly used timer routines with API stats.
- Avoid one cgtime call in sole_hash_work.
- Fulltest is true if value is <= target.
- Use system host to endian functions for clarity in fulltest.
- Provide endian_flipX functions to avoid special casing big endian in cgminer.c
- Provide a flip128 helper to simplify big endian flipping.
- Use flip helpers to simplify code for calculation of midstate.
- Use flip32 function instead of open coding it in gen_stratum_work.
- Move util.c exports to util.h
- Fix warning on building avalon on win32
- Use cgtime in driver-avalon.c
- Use cgtime in driver-icarus.c
- Use cgtime in driver-bitforce.c
- Use cgtime in logging.c
- Use cgtime in usbutils.c
- Use cgtime in driver-opencl.c
- Use cgtime wrapper in driver-modminer.c
- Use cgtime in driver-ztex.c
- Use cgtime in compat.h
- Use cgtime instead of gettimeofday in fpgautils.c
- Replace gettimeofday usage in cgminer.c with cgtime
- Create a cgminer specific gettimeofday wrapper that is always called with tz
set to NULL and increases the resolution on windows.
- Add high resolution to nmsleep wrapper on windows.
- Set default ocl work size for scrypt to 256.
- define le32toh if needed
- fliter out the wrong result from adjust fan code
- compile avalon driver on win32 and win64
- Restart threads on the rare chance we found the block ourselves.
- Add more FAQs about crossfire.
- Set last device valid work on adding device.
- Increment last device valid work count in submit_nonce to cover scrypt.
- Set opt_scrypt drv max diff for correctness.
- Make scrypt submission use the submit_nonce code, with nonces matching
- Do testing for HW errors on submit nonce for both scrypt and sha.
- Increment hardware error count from the one site.
- Rename scrypt regenhash function for consistency.
- Add new best share info to verbose logging.
- Add notice for when network diff is changed.
- Convert error getting device IDs in ocl code to info log level only since
multiple platforms may be installed and the error is harmless there.
- Unnecessary extra array in ocl code.
- Further driver FAQs.
- Add MAC FAQ.
- Add more FAQ details.
- Check for work restart after disable in the hash queued work loop since it may
be a long time before we re-enable a device.
- Unconditionally test for many wrong results on avalon and reset to avoid
passing a corrupt avalon result to temperature code.
- build out of source dir
- Set device_diff for queued work or there will be no diff1 share count.
- Only reset an avalon device with no results when there are no results
- More FAQs.
- More FAQs.
- Cleanup when stratum curl fails to initialise.
- Avoid applog in recalloc_sock.
- Avoid applog under stratum_lock in recv_line.
- Avoid applog under stratum_lock in __stratum_send.
- Put spacing around locking in util.c for clarity.
- Avoid applog under cg_wlock.
- Put spacing around locking code for clarity.
- Avoid applog under pool_lock.
- Avoid more recursive locks.
- Avoid applog while ch_lock is held.
- Avoid recursive locks in fill_queue.
- Variable is already initialised in global scope.
- More GPU faqs.
- More README faqs.
- Yet more README faqs.
- Add more faqs to README.
- Merge branch 'master' into avalon-dev
- Wrap result wrong tests in avalon scanhash in unlikely() and only consider a
hash count of zero wrong if a restart wasn't issued.
- avalon: if result_wrong >= get_work_count jump out the read loop
- Fix warning on 32bit.
- Fix warning on 32bit.
- Avoid curl_easy_cleanup on old curl versions in setup_stratum_curl as well.
- fix the fan control on max temp2/3
- for some reason network down. one simple cgminer command:   "cgminer -o -O fa:ke --avalon-options 115200:32:10:50:256" can idle the
avalon for safe power and protect chip
- if hash_count == 0; reinit avalon, fix the 0MHS bug use the max value of temp1
and temp2 for fan control
- Reinstate the matching_work_count per subdevice on avalon based on the work
- Avalon driver is missing the drv_id.
- Rationalise and simplify the share diff and block solve detection to a common
- Rationalise and simplify the share diff and block solve detection to a common
- Make the avalon array size a macro.
- Use replacement of work items in the avalon buffer as needed instead of
flushing them.
- Reinstate wrong work count to reset avalon regardless and display number of
wrong results.
- Revert "The result_wrong measurement for avalon is continually leading to
false positives so remove it."
- select() on serial usb in avalon does not work properly with zero timeout.
- The result_wrong measurement for avalon is continually leading to false
positives so remove it.
- Revert "Use only 2 queued work arrays in avalon."
- Use no timeout on further reads in avalon_gets
- Do sequential reads in avalon_get_reset to cope with partial reads.
- Show read discrepancy in avalon_get_reset.
- Reuse avalon_get_work_count variable.
- Check for AVA_GETS_RESTART when deciding if avalon has messed up.
- Make the detection of all wrong results on avalon much more conservative to
avoid false positives on work restarts.
- Show error codes on select and read fail in avalon.
- If we get a restart message in avalon_gets still check if there's a receive
message to parse first without a timeout before returning AVA_GETS_RESTART.
- Use only 2 queued work arrays in avalon.
- avalon_gets is always called from the one call site so inline it.
- The read_count is unused by the avalon get result code and no longer required
for avalon reset so simplify code removing it.
- Use a separate avalon_get_reset function for resetting avalon instead of using
- The current hash count returned by avalon scanhash is just an obfuscated
utility counter so make it explicit.
- Check for a restart before a timeout in message parsing code in avalon.
- We should check for a restart message before checking for a timeout in avalon
- Store the subid for the work item in avalon.
- usbutils more stats for bflsc
- Fix record_temp_fan function in avalon driver. Patch by Xiangfu
- Remove inappropriate memset of struct avalon result which was corrupting fan
- Fix warning with no curses built in.
- Bump version to 2.11.4
- Fix warning with no curses built in.
- Bump version to 2.11.4
- Add API support for Avalon.
- Only do_avalon_close once on multiple errors.
- Reset the result_wrong count on block change in avalon scanhash to prevent
false positives for all nonces failed.
- Small timeouts on select() instead of instant timeout increase reliability of
socket reads and writes.
- Only get extra work in fill_queue if we don't have any unqueued work in the
- Small timeouts on select() instead of instant timeout increase reliability of
socket reads and writes.
- Rotate the avalon work array and free work on AVA_SEND_BUFFER_EMPTY as well.
- Only get extra work in fill_queue if we don't have any unqueued work in the
- Don't get any work if our queue is already full in avalon_fill.
- Differentiate socket closed from socket error in recv_line.
- Differentiate socket closed from socket error in recv_line.
- Free avalon->works in the event we call avalon_prepare on failure to
- Fix warnings.
- Create an array of 4 lots of work for avalon and cycle through them.
- Remove unused per unit matching work count for avalon.
- Rename the confusing avalon_info pointer.
- Simplify avalon scanhash code using the new find_queued_work_bymidstate
function. Partially works only.
- Members of cgpu_info for avalon are not meant to be in the union.
- Use correct struct device_drv for avalon_drv.
- cgminer.c -S help to only say Icarus
- Check enough work is queued before queueing more in avalon_fill.
- Actually put the work in the avalon queue.
- Rneame avalon_api to avalon_drv.
- First draft of port of avalon driver to new cgminer queued infrastructure.
- Add Makefile entry for driver-avalon.
- Add configure support for avalon.


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Mar 2, 2012
Yeah, with some more tweaking I was able to get the card at a solid 575 kh/s.

Here's what my .bat file looks like:

color 02
cgminer --scrypt -o http://address:port -u {user} -p {pass} --shaders 2048 --worksize 256 -g 1 --thread-concurrency 8192 --gpu-engine 1100 --gpu-memclock 1800 -I 13 --auto-fan

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