Goodbye Freezer 7 Pro, Hello Freezer 7 X


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Feb 1, 2019
Goodbye Freezer 7 Pro, Hello Freezer 7 X!
ARCTIC‘s long-running CPU cooler gets a worthy successor


It feels like the end of an era: the Freezer 7 Pro has long been one of our most loyal companions, and even though it wasn’t a high-performance beast, it was known and loved by countless customers around the world. But after more than 10 years together, it's time to say farewell. Out with the old, in with the new. With the new Freezer 7 X, we’re able to present a successor that not only builds upon the success of its renowned predecessor – it outshines it.

The Freezer 7 X reaps the benefits of an improved heatsink design along with a reworked heat pipe layout. In conjunction with the fan, which is optimized for high static pressure, the ARCTIC Freezer 7 X sets new standards in cooling. Compared to its predecessor, a performance increase of almost 10 % could be tested — and at a price that has been driven down by optimized and more efficient manufacturing processes.

What's changed?

Pressure-optimised Fan
With a PWM controlled, pressure-optimised 92 mm fan, the Freezer 7 X offers high cooling power at a low price.

Direct-Touch Heatpipes
Two direct-touch heat pipes with pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste enable ideal heat dissipation.

Multi-Socket Compatibility
Good across the board: comprehensive compatibility and easy installation thanks to varied mounting options for both Intel® and AMD®.

Full Heatsink Cover

The Freezer 7 X’s black heat sink cover makes it visually impressive.

Fans of the Freezer 7 Pro can rest assured: if you liked the Freezer 7 Pro, you‘re going to love the Freezer 7 X. Above all, this compact and light CPU cooler proves once again that at ARCTIC, high quality doesn’t have to come at a high price.

Main Facts
-Compatible with Intel & AMD socket
-Pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste
-Extended life span thanks to low coil temperature
-Lower power consumption and less vibrations with new motor technology
-Offset heat pipes ensure optimal heat dissipation

The Freezer 7 X is available now on the market and on Amazon at a price of $19.99 MSRP.
Available soon: the Freezer 7 X CO variant with double ball bearing.


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May 11, 2021
Some feedback for you.

I am building two PC's, both with the same motherboard, cpu, and cooler. The cooler is an Arctic Feezer 7X.
While installing it on the MSI Z590 PRO WIFI, I ran into this problem:

As you can see, the mounting bracket of the Arctic Freezer 7X is in physical contact with the heatsink on the motherboard. This is the heatsink that sits between the CPU and the CPU fan1 connector.
As per the Arctic support site, this is mounted in the "A. Back Exhaust" Cooler Orientation. The pictures are of the screw closest to the motherboard edge, in the support pictures.
There is no gap between the screw and the heat sink. Not 1mm. It is in physical contact.
I've build hundreds of machines over 25+ years, and in my opinion, you can't really install these Arctic Freezer's "wrong", given there's only two components involved.
I suspect the tolerances of the MSI Z590 are not as generous as they should be, in where this heat sink is situated, but in any case, felt it was worth posting for awareness.

Have a good one,

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