Faster Safer Browser anyone


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Dec 15, 2014

Is there another choice??? preferably one that doesn't store your password database on their servers like LastPass.

Ummm...dunno. I suppose Keypass, although I've never used it. There are no doubt some other options too. I use LastPass because it's easily portable among Linux, Windows, Android, Apple, etc, and I have a multitude of computers/devices at work and home that I use. I can't carry around a thumb drive or authentication tool, so I'm kind of stuck.

Having said that, I'm certainly at the mercy of LastPass if it gets hacked in a way that breaks the encryption of the remotely stored password files. It seems unlikely (given this:, and I feel "reasonably" safe using it. In this case the benefits outweigh the risks (IMO). I've not implemented it yet, but it also supports Two Factor Authentication (including DUO, which I use for my Virginia Tech account), so that adds a bit more to my comfort level as well, and I'll no doubt implement it soon.

I wish I had a better answer.


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