EVGA EPower Board 2.0 Available Online


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May 26, 2012
EVGA has listed their EPower Board 2.0 on their website under part number 100-UC-0400-BR for $99.99. The EPower Board 2.0 is a separate VRM board that is designed purely to provide certain parts of your PC with extra power. These parts include video cards, motherboard or any other part that requires high-current low-voltage power. The board has a 14 power phase design and three 6-pin PCIe power connectors on it. The voltage adjustment range is 800mV to 2000mV and it has a current source up to 400A.

Recommended Toolkit:
AWG12 or AWG10 Copper Wire with Insulation
60W or 80W Soldering Iron
Digital Multimeter for Resistance and Voltage Checks
EVGA EVBot with 680 Classified Firmware
80 or 120mm +12V DC FAN with 3-pin header for VRM Cooling
Flux and Solder for Wire Joints

EVGA EPower Board 2.0 Available Online - Legit Reviews

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