DeepCool Captain Pro and Castle 360 CPU Coolers Look Amazing! CES 2019

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Mar 16, 2007

Still One of My Favorites

I’ve seen a lot of great improvements to closed-loop coolers (CLC) in recent years. In spite of all the options, the DeepCool Captain series is one of the best looking designs in my opinion. Not only does the Captain Pro improve on the design with a unique feature, but the redesigned RGB lighting looks phenomenal. The Castle gets a 360 update as well, but the circular pump/block looks unchanged.

The Captain Pro 240

DeepCool is going out on a limb here. They claim the Captain Pro will Never Leak. Now, let’s start by saying this is a really awesome thing to bring to the CLC market. Look at reviews of any pre-assembled CPU cooler, and you’re bound to find one, if not several, that claims a unit started leaking. In an imperfect world, leaks are going to happen. However, if DeepCool has legitimately found a way to prevent leaking, especially due to pressure variances, they will be miracle workers for PC builders abroad. The design uses a rubber rod that compresses inside the unit. It acts as a sort of pressure release valve inside the radiator.

As exciting as that is, the RGB lighting is fantastic as well. The addressable design on the fans looks great, but we’ve seen that on the Castle units already. The Captain Pro adds an RGB ring around the block just under the original light circle. It helps fill in the lighting nicely, and I really like how the new design looks. As always, DeepCool includes an RGB controller for the unit, or you can sync it with motherboard lighting.

The Castle 360 RGB

Even though the Castle series has been around for a bit now, DeepCool added the 360mm radiator option to the lineup. There isn’t any news of the no leak technology being added to this series yet, but maybe we’ll see an update in the future. On a compatibility note, the block is designed to be large enough for Threadripper. Even though the Captain Pro is one of my favorite designs, I’m still impressed at how excellent the Castle looks too. DeepCool does a great job in the CLC market.

New Cases and RGB Graphics Card Brace

DeepCool had several cases to show off at CES. There will likely be more news for those, as well as updates on the Assassin III CPU cooler. The air tower was being shown off by keeping a 9900K cool. However, the highlight to steal the show was the RGB Graphics Card Brace. Nothing says RGB craze like adding lights to the most mundane of accessories, yet somehow I still really want one. Check out the video for more details.

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