1. Skyguy

    Xclio Touch 320 Mid-Tower Case

    We are looking atXclio’s Touch Concept case design, the Xclio Touch 320 Mid Tower case. Theunique feature here is the touch fan and LED lighting controls. Some of us mayobsess about monitoring and tweaking such things, so let's take a closer lookat the Touch 320 and see what this new case brings...
  2. Skyguy

    Xclio A380Color Plus

    Today we're looking at the Xclio A380Color Plus, a case with audacious styling and unique aesthetics. Toss in some neat LED lighting effects and huge fans, and you've got something very interesting as a result. Sure, we're suckers for good looks, who isn't? But at the end of the day, we...
  3. Skyguy

    Xclio Nighthawk Mid-Tower

    The Xclio Nighthawk claims many great features and performance at a mid-range price tag $80 USD. The Nighthawk is targeted to both gamers and enthusiasts that are looking for an attractive case with many features. Xclio has a considerable amount of competition in a market that is...