XBOX ONE USB's Type?

    Hello guys, i am having trouble, really wish we all had a manual out there on all things USB. so many it's a headache had to take back HDMI to micro USB, had a micro usb A didnt work for a Canon DLSR, and i am just not a fan of returning items, when your in my position and cannot do the things...
  2. xelosia

    Turn your Xbox One into a laptop for $1100

    Turn your Xbox One into a laptop for $1100 | ExtremeTech
  3. DeViLzzz

    MS paying YouTubers for Xbox One mentions and more bad stuff ...

    Stealth marketing: Microsoft paying YouTubers for Xbox One mentions | Ars Technica
  4. vinman

    UK Xbox One child account creation issue fixable via MS support - report

    Xbox One owners outside of the US are reportedly encountering a glitch that prevents the creation or transferal of Xbox Live child accounts to the new console. The issue arrises when the system requests a small payment as verification for the parent Xbox Live account's credit card, as required...
  5. TeeBlack

    Xbox One Privacy Cover for Kinect.

    Interworks Unlimited Announces The Xbox One Privacy Cover For Kinect 2
  6. killjoyjim

    Looking for new pc case for my xbox.

    I like this one. What do you think? NZXT Source 210 S210-002 White w/Black Front Trim ?Aluminum Brush / Plastic? ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -
  7. killjoyjim

    nex case for xbox

    looking to install my xbox in a pc case.
  8. L

    Microsoft Investor: Fire Ballmer And Sell Xbox 1% in a company like Microsoft is quite a lot. They could be top 10 or top 20 biggest holders. That's enough to also get other majority share holders to entertain the idea.. And isnt Ballmer leaving in a few months? Things just...
  9. L

    The Point - Why The Xbox Is Losing

    Danny explores how hardcore gamers are killing the Xbox One
  10. TeeBlack

    Xbox One will no longer need the Kinect in order to work.

    Microsoft says Xbox One no longer needs Kinect in order to work | TweakTown
  11. Smiki007

    (XBOX 360 New Game) COB MW

  12. jackjack

    A White X-BOX ONE

    Well-well look at this a white X-BOX ONE image source : reddit Another Source : expreview looks good thou :thumbsupbig:
  13. L

    Microsoft to increased Xbox One RAM 12 GB?
  14. L

    Sony will earn two to three dollars for every Xbox One sold
  15. L

    Xbox One created 'with advertising in mind'
  16. L

    Meet the New XBox Boss
  17. James86

    If Xbox One was a girl

    this vid made me laugh
  18. Solara2xb

    XBOX One updates to Game Sharing

    Take a look at this.. Looks like Xbox got the message and there is a update on it... Your Feedback Matters ? Update on Xbox One Source: what are your thoughts on the change?
  19. L

    Official word from Microsoft on the Xbone

    Xbox One: Details on Connectivity, Licensing and Privacy Features
  20. L

    Germany considers ban on Xbox One