1. Gareth

    Its time to purchase a motherboard, now what chipset should I get?

    Greetings Ya'll, time has come for me to get a new Intel Socket LGA775 motherboard, and I am tossed up between three chipsets. I would like to do SLi, undecided whether to do Tri or not, it will depend on how much the board costs. The chipsets I'm considering are in the choices above.
  2. Gareth

    Which X48/X38 Motherboard would you recommend?

    Hello all, as you all know, I am getting an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 in August, and I am looking for a new motherboard. It has to be around the $200 mark, with 2 PCI Express slots, 4 SATA ports minimum, 6 really optimally, at least 2 PCI slots and up to at least 8GB DDR2 RAM. Can anyone help me? :)