windows 7

  1. Skyguy

    Performance Improvements and Cautions for your SSD!

    After installing Windows (presumably Win 7 since it has TRIM support for your hotrod SSD), there are some important things you need to know and do for your SSD and Windows setup. These things below will both enhance performance but also prevent potential damage to your SSD. This information is...
  2. 4hams

    Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser

    Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor For anyone thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. This tool will help you determine weather or not your hardware is ready for the upgrade or what you may need to replace in order to upgrade successfully.
  3. grumpydaddy

    windows 7 RC released at MS

    Direct off the Microsoft servers Windows 7 RC 64bit English: German...