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    Wii U Embargos up!

    The Verge 7.0 Engadget Joystiq Polygon 6.5 Destructoid Gizmodo 4/5 Ars Technica
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    Wii U uses custom Radeon E6760

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    World Premiere: Wii U Specs

    World Premiere: Wii U Specs - VGleaks
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    Wii U Details Leaked

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    The Wii U — R700 GPU

    The Wii U — What is an R700 GPU and why does it matter? So we’ve all heard the rumors about Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console, and how it’s going to be some strange tablet-y thing with a touchscreen and analog sticks and a microwave and a cat. Or something. It’s all very interesting and...
  6. say what

    Wii and Wii Fit first thoughts:

    i just got a Wii fit and i can say, if you do not like criticism, don't buy it! My brother was setting his Mii up with it and getting all the starter tests done like weight, BMI (body mass index) scale, height and balance. He weighs alot and the BMI scale will make your Mii fatter if you are...
  7. PressESCtoquiT

    The Magical Wii-mote

    Here's an interesting link to the NY Times about how the Wii-mote is built and how it uses its motion sensing magic.:D:p