1. xelosia

    ModMyMods, a New Watercooling Store, Opens for Business

    looks like some former staff from frozencpu.com have opened a new store ModMyMods, a New Watercooling Store, Opens for Business | techPowerUp Home page
  2. C

    Case size for Watercooling, and general Loop Advice

    Hello Everyone, Long time lurker, and long time overclocker here. A bit of background, I've been tuning my PC for a while, but have always stuck to big air, or more recently an AIO loop. I have the opportunity to pick up some quality parts from a custom loop my friend no longer uses at a...
  3. Vitale87

    Need help with a new build first time watercooling

    Hey guys planning doing a new build and going big this build have no knowledge of watercooling besides the basics and wanted to see if the community could help me choose some of the components for my guild i will list what i have so far Case 1.Lian Li PC-P80N - Lian-Li Global | PC-P80N...
  4. 5w00p

    Want To Buy: Watercooling setup

    Hello. I am interested in buying a watercooling setup. I would like it to be an "all-in-one"/factory-sealed setup. Application is intel i7 LGA 1150 socket. Payment can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, or Monero. Let me know what you have and your asking price and we can make a deal. Thanks!
  5. V

    EK watercooling kit or XSPC watercooling kit

    I am trying to decide between 2 brands and 2 kits from Frozen CPU. The kits are: XSPC Copper Raystorm AX360 Extreme Intel CPU Water Cooling Kit w/ Twin D5 part # ex-wat-224 or the EK X360 Complete Triple 120mm Liquid Cooling Kit part # ex-wat-318. Opinions are fine but wouldn't mind getting some...
  6. xelosia

    Gigabyte shows off Water Force, external water-cooling with three GTX 780 Tis

    Gigabyte shows off Water Force, external water-cooling with three GTX 780 Tis | VideoCardz.com
  7. R

    AMD motherboard with watercooling???

    hey all, maybe its just me but I am struggling to find a motherboard for AMD FM2 / FM2+ sockets that I can actually get water blocks for, any one know of any??? Happy Modding!! Richard
  8. News Team

    SilverStone Tundra TD02 AIO CPU Cooler Review

    Introduction Up for review today on our test bench is the SilverStone Tundra TD02 AIO CPU cooler. The TD02 is SilverStone’s first attempt at breaking into the AIO liquid cooling market. Since 2003 SilverStone has been bringing us unique and quality-built products like the TJ11 computer case...
  9. fscrivy

    ULTIMATE "Overkill" Water Cooled Build a Gaming PC Computer

    its not over kill until the case is painted
  10. TeeBlack

    Sleeved Tubes?

    Just wanted to know what yall thought about sleeved tubing for watercooled rigs.
  11. Smiki007

    How to settle a best loop?

    Hi to you all. In the last couple of days i was bumping my head against the wall :brick: trying to solve this enigma. Lines below is the list of LC parts that I have: 1. Swiftech H2O-220 Edge HD Dual 120mm Liquid Cooling Kit - Black, (240mm rad w/itegrated MCP x35 Pump and CPU Water Block)...
  12. A

    Gtx 580 too much heat!

    Hi guys im new to the forums and i was directed here by Calemus. Anyhow my current issue is that my cards are running to damn hot atm! Under heavy load (arma 3) ive seen my cards reach like 80 c and while idling they are generally around high 60 c's or low/mid 70 c's. I am trying to figure out...
  13. James86

    Custom Watercooling or AIO?

    I am getting a rebate visa card from buying tires for $250 and am considering buying a WC loop or a H220. I was looking at getting a 360 rad kit to fit in the top of my HAF 932. What do you guys think of the kits from EK or XSPC. And would you guys recommend those over just buying the pieces...
  14. C

    Watercooling question

    I was looking at resevoirs and I thought, Well the water might get a little hot and wont beable to decipate itself, how often should you change your liquids?
  15. F

    White SG09 with power and watercooling

    Hello, ones again So my latestet build; Unobtainable was a great PC to build, and got a lot of positive feedback, Thanks guys and girls :D But my eager to create something new, and also a (hopefully) better looking build. So I will hope you will follow this build as well, and please; positive...
  16. Adham

    A masterclass of straight line watercooling

    wanted to share that beuty with you guys, found that Rig at Cooler Master fan page:thumbsupbig:
  17. Drdeath

    Tri-Fire watercooling fittings

    What would be the best chioce for my 3 x Radeon 7970's for adjustable fitings. Some boards I test have 1 slot and some 2 so adjustbale would be the wtg...
  18. SamCR3

    Advice and Help re Watercooling

    I'm going to purchase a water cooling kit very soon. I was looking at the swiftech kits, but am now looking at these from XSPC. Which one of these 240 rad kits do you guys recommend and why? What's the best kit, keeping in mind that I will add another 240 rad and a GPU water block down the line...
  19. grumpydaddy

    Watercooling is back with a vengance ....maybe phase too!

    Trigate and the smaller process of Ivy Bridge seems to have produced a very capable but also Very hot new processor for us to play with. The increased density of these cpu's is giving us heat as we have not seen since core 2 so I think more folks will opt for watercooling...but for the more...
  20. C

    Looking to move into modular watercooling

    So last year I picked up an H70 for my current i7 rig...but now it's time to do some upgrading again, and this time i've decided I am going to go modular watercooling, and this what I am leaning towards for a setup, but I wanted some input from more experienced users. Yesterday I ordered an...