1. Sjoerslev

    [Build Log] Little Big Giant (Bitfenix Prodigy - BLACK)

    Buildlog for the "Little Big Giant" - A fully watercooled M-itx system. All parts have arrived (Planning began when the Bitfenix Prodigy was announced, thereafter purchases came slow and steady). Only thing missing is the case itself, which should arrive in a few weeks and the actual building...
  2. Drdeath

    Watercool 2 x 7970

    Wasssssup. I decided to watercool 2 7970's. I have the Sapphire OC 7970 Non-Reference design cards. Against my better judgement, I am forced to go with EK for the supplier due to the non-ref design (ugggh). I picked out the Acetal here CoolingConfigurator.com Question for yall and tony...
  3. Jon

    Water Cooling Kits

    I will attempt to water cool CPU, Northbridge and a single card dual GPU graphics board (4870x2). I am looking for am external unit that is robust and reliable. New to water cooling and prefer ease of installation, low maintenance and vender reliability over optimal performance. Price is...
  4. G

    Recommending Watercool System for QX9650

    Can you propose a decent kit (pump, rez and block) for my cpu that would be good enough to add a gpu block at a later stage? Unfortunately, although I'm a enthusiast, watercooling is new to me. Just want to make sure the pro's guide me in the right direction. . . (Hopefully I'll be able to get...