water blocks

  1. shattered.likeness

    This might be a stupid idea but.... (CPU Block)

    I have a Heatkiller water block sitting here that I have been meaning to hook up to my CoolIt Freezone Elite, and i got to thinking. I have seen some pretty ingenious ideas for using mosfet heatsinks before, and started wondering if I might see any difference in temperatures if I was to apply a...
  2. grumpydaddy

    Dual and triple chip watercooling blocks

    For those of you wanting to put everything possible under water and run SLI too I thought I'd point out a company that is building multicover motherboard sets for your pleasure and entertainment. http://www.mips-computer.de/
  3. Deton

    PUREOC Water Cooling Gallery

    Is your rig on some type of liquid cooling method (traditonal WC or TEC, Phase...etc) and wanna to show off? Post your pictures here, please try to keep your images at resonable resolution (640x480 RGB, if you can, image res and size sample below) because this thread will be take a long time...