1. Skyguy

    Interview: Laptop Logic

    Recently we had the opportunity to speak with, an up-and-coming website that specializes in all things related to laptops. Seeing as laptop sales have finally surpassed desktops, we thought it an opportune time to talk with some guys that are experts in the field and give us (and...
  2. News Team

    Vista is not optimized for SSD's, says SanDisk

    SanDisk's CEO Eli Harari indicated during a recent conference call that Vista is not optimized for flash media, and thus SSD's don't perform to their full potential. Read the story in full here...
  3. S

    vista issues

    ive been haveing problems with microsoft saying that i have an unauthentic copy of vista. thing is this is an authentic copy of vista. i did a fresh install and that didnt resolve the issue. also some of my services arnt loading up on startup, firewall and windows defender services to be...
  4. E

    Vista oem or retail?

    MS is cracking down on piracy with Vista and with it our freedom (hardware wise) deminishes. Make sure you choose the right version or you may find yourself truly f**ked. Thanks to those who helped with the information in this thread :) Vista activation will kick in to play when you change...