1. aryan51

    2 vertex 4

    my buddy just bought 2 vertex 4 for his laptop acer aspire 8943g i installed them but how do i get them to act as 1 like the old hard drives they only both show up in ide mode when installing windows one as primary one as secondary before his old hard drives showed up as 1 thanks mark
  2. Doppleganger99

    OCZ Vertex 2 SSD just died...

    Hi, was just wondering if you guys could help me on picking a new ssd or boot drive for my old system.. I have an old x58 system and wondering what would be the best ssd drive to get as my old ssd just died for some reason.. My System: CPU: Intel Core i7 970 Motherboard: Asus Rampage III...
  3. petrivanzyl

    OCZ Vertex 4 firmware upgrade

    So I got myself a OCZ vertex 4 128GB SSD with my new rig. However I read that the new firmware makes this drive much quicker (v1.5). I think the drive comes with v1.3. Now the problem I have is this: 1. The firmware upgrade (from 1.3 to 1.5) is destructive - ie it will delete anything on the...
  4. L

    OCZ brings big performance upgrade for old Vertex, Agility, Solid2 SSDs

  5. Skyguy

    OCZ Vertex Turbo 120GB SSD

    We've been looking at several Solid State Drives (with more on the way) and today we'll be examining the OCZ Vertex Turbo that features some impressive performance claims. We recently tested its vanilla sibling, the Vertex, and were quite impressed. So the promise of a turbo boost (quite...
  6. Skyguy

    OCZ Vertex SSD

    OCZ's Vertex is a multi-layer SSD that features the Indilinx 'Barefoot' controller, promising very fast performance numbers, particularly with Write operations. OCZ's Vertex is the latest in their product lineup, and the performance claims sound impressive. Today we’ll pit it against some of the...