1. automaton

    video pop ups

    I downloaded perecft disk free...
  2. C

    (Canada) UPS Brokerage C.O.D.

    I just learned of a new virus! (new to me) It is called the UPS Brokerage C.O.D. and you can avoid it by NOT shipping with UPS. I just received an order from frozencpu that I paid $84 for, shipping included. I then get told at my door there is a fee, so I'm like "wuteva kk". He then tells me the...
  3. Bob2701

    Pop Ups

    Does anyone access this site with either a iPhone or iPad and if so do you get pop ups? I keep getting a pop up from Verizon when using my iPad or iPhone but only on PureOC, no other URL gives it to me.
  4. alan1476

    New UPS - Which One to Get?

    Okay here is the deal. My son left for college and took my APC UPS. I need another, Now Amazon has this one on sale but I am not sure about the name brand Cyberpower. Its got 8 outlets and I have a great surge protector, I am wondering if I really need this at all. I am only worried about it now...
  5. shattered.likeness

    UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) question

    So, what does everyone here use? I am looking at some on, but the one I found weighs in at 56lbs! Now, that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact of having to drag it LAN parties. I am not only asking because of LAN parties, but because it is a major pain to loose all the...