1. H

    AMD HD 5850 Unlock BIOS With ASUS Single and CrossFire MODE GUIDE

    Hellow Fellows well im goign to Explain you how yo Unlock the Bios of the HD 5850 with the ASUS Bios in Single and CrossFire MOde hope you like it :) First you need the ASUS Bios techPowerUp! :: VGA Bios Collection: Asus HD 5850 1024 MB And Then the AtiFlash Download ATIFlash 3.99 |...
  2. R

    good day all im anew member question how to unlock 4 core on amd athlon2 440 x3

    good some help me im trying to open 4 core on my amd x3 440 but im not success some one helping me thanks :)
  3. Skyguy

    Phenom II X4 for $99: Unlocking the X2 555 BE

    How does a full-featured Phenom II X4 CPU for $99 sound? AMD's new dual core hotrod, the X2 555 BE, is actually an X4 in disguise and just needs a bit of help to unlock those two extra cores for all the performance goodness you can dream about at bargain prices. We successfully unlocked the X2...