1. automaton

    AMD APP SDK RUNTIME safe uninstall possible?

    I advanced radeon driver uninstall till I found files to get rid of AMD APP SDK RUNTIME is what I need to uninstall Help:fudd::moon:
  2. automaton

    how to uninstall babylon toobar

    I have add remove uninstalled I have uninstalled add on in firefox I have regedit deleted I have scanned with malwarebytes finds nothing I have typed about:config in firefox and found numerous babylon files but cant delete r click or anything HELLLP does anyone know how to get this malicious...
  3. aryan51

    can't uninstall

    help can't seem to uninstall this i am the administrator so wtf
  4. Gareth

    GRID on my 2900XT

    Hey all, I am having a slight problem with GRID on my 2900 XT video card, it just will not start up to play, every time I hit play, it comes up saying that it is not responding, however, on a computer I built today for a customer, with a Q9450 and 4850 Video card, it works perfectly, is it...
  5. Geralt

    Display driver has stopped responding

    HI! I got wierd problem. My GFX (ASUS EAH HD 3870x2) is giving me grief every now and again. It shows me info "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered". I'm using drvers tagged 4786 on Vista but when I tried to update them( either from asus or ATI site) it tells me that drivers...