1. gooeyballzz

    Some Picts from trip to egypt

    So I was organizing photos and I realized I take a ton of picts, but I'm really the only one who ever looks at them. So I thought I post share a couple. And the most important on;
  2. bullydog

    Europe Trip 2012

    Hi Guys, Just returned from a vacation in Paris and Itay, thought I'd share a couple of photos i took, will upload more as these photo sizes are huge! takes awhile to upload them!. Enjoy :D Shot using Nikon D7000 on a Tokina f2.8 11-16mm
  3. 4hams

    Our Trip To The Cottage Last Weekend

    We went to Huntsville last weekend and had a great time except for the 4 hour drive home... Here are a few picks from the boat going up the Muskoka River towards fairy lake and Huntsville.
  4. Skyguy

    i-gotU GPS Travel Logger

    Today we will be looking at the i-gotU GT-600 USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger. If the name or description has you at a loss, this tiny pocket-sized device packs a punch. Not only does it tell you where you are in real time but it can track the calories you burn during the day (how much...