1. S

    Display driver crash when time spy - only when i turn on monitor from standby.

    Hi. I tried to reproduce 2 times display driver crash. When i run 3dmark time spy stress test. I turn off monitor and then turn on again it will stop test and display TDR crash report in event viewer. Is this reason to worry? This happened 2 times when i turn off montor and turn on back. I tried...
  2. S

    Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Xtreme - one time fan dont stop in desktop.

    Hello. Yesterday i had ,one time event weird issue with one of the fan on Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme. So always after quitting game when temperature decrease to idle 40C , 3 fans stopping and i see FAN STOP logo , this is normal. But yesterday i when quit game, temperature decrease to 40C like always...
  3. grumpydaddy

    Time for a build but..... What fans??

    I have long bee a proponent of function over form and as such have built in the past with Gentle Typhoons and Deltas but.... I have been out of the loop (sorry) for a while now and GT's are extinct. What is the latest and greatest rad fan ?? Something that can do the duty of 1850 or 2250 GT's
  4. S

    First time liquid cooling attempt!

    Hi guys, as the title says I'm about to embark on my first real water cooling build, and I was hoping to run a few things past you as I go along. My first question relates to the thickness (or lack thereof) of the radiators I can fit in my case. I should be able to fit a 280mm rad, but...
  5. B

    2nd build, this one for myself this time!

    I first got into computers, by programming them when I was young. This naturally made want to build one. Never got the chance to though until last year when my little bro wanted one, so I offered, and I got the chance! So now that I've got some money... It's my turn!! I've now ordered the parts...
  6. Vitale87

    Need help with a new build first time watercooling

    Hey guys planning doing a new build and going big this build have no knowledge of watercooling besides the basics and wanted to see if the community could help me choose some of the components for my guild i will list what i have so far Case 1.Lian Li PC-P80N - Lian-Li Global | PC-P80N...
  7. T

    Think its time for a new monitor?

    iv noticed it getting harder and harder to see stuff in games i play. I thought it was just me. But wathcing a movie i had a full black screen and holy cow. i have TERRIBLE "white noise" on my monitor, it looks like its snowing on my screen when im looking at a dark or black screen. Im guessing...
  8. Normanyakuza

    Long time no see

    hey guys long time no see...i got a problem with my old pc and it wont let me using it :wacko: im using my dad notebook right now but my internet slow lol but today my internet fast like a lightning xD sorry for not online in this forum
  9. D

    Having a Hard time finding a bay reservoir.

    Hello new here and I have been looking for a rear mount reservoir. I have the Alienware Area 51 ALX case and the bays are tool-less, but it only locks in the rear holes of a drive. I need a pump with: high flow techo output (using Alienware command center) mount in bay along with reservoir...
  10. S

    First Time Overclocking - i7 950

    This i my first time attempting to overclock a system. CPU: i7 950 @ 3.07ghz GPU: GTX 660ti Software installed: CPU-Z, IntelBurnTest, Real Temp, GPU-Z Any tips/recommendations on what I should be looking for while overclocking so i dont screw up my system.?
  11. xelosia

    Scientific Method / Science & Exploration New cache design speeds up processing time

    Scientific Method / Science & Exploration New cache design speeds up processing time New cache design speeds up processing time by 15 percent | Ars Technica New cache organization scheme could dramatically improve performance, power consumption | ExtremeTech
  12. vinman

    Apple Lisa mouse personally donated by Steve Jobs unearthed in Colorado time capsule

    Apple Lisa mouse personally donated by Steve Jobs unearthed in Colorado time capsule By Shane Cole A mouse from an Apple Lisa computer used by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been recovered from a time capsule buried by organizers of the 1983 Aspen International Design Conference. New...
  13. R

    Please help. Asus Rampage 3 Formula- No video on bootup for first time.

    Hello everyone, I'm really sorry to ask this since I see it on the boards already, but I wasn't able to get my computer working after reading them. Here's my problem. I just built this computer and when I hit the power button, the computer turns on, fans all work, no trouble lights, no...
  14. xelosia

    The World Outside My Window - Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS

  15. mybadomen

    Looking to Sell 1 Bitcoin Via Paypal to honest person with some active time on PureOC

    Looking for a New way to get my USD to Paypal or my Bank Hiya Fellow Bitcoin Miners/Traders and PureOC members. MybadOmen "6100Mhps Miner" Hi Guys here is my problem which im sure allot of you are facing as well. First i converted my namecoins to Bitcoins on BTC-E and then sent them back...
  16. Elit3

    What's your pc's total power on time?

    On my old Dell, well, get ready to be shocked. - 356 days 16 hours.
  17. xelosia

    Time Warner Cable says there's no consumer demand for gigabit internet

    Quote Time Warner Cable says there's no consumer demand for gigabit internet | The Verge
  18. rickss69

    First time ssd in a laptop

    Finally broke down and tried a ssd in my Qosmio...really snapped it up! Should have done this earlier. Had an old OCZ Vertex 2 60GB lying about so I threw it in just to see. Took the Windows Experience score from a 5.8 to a nice 6.9. I will probably be ordering a 256GB Samsung shortly...
  19. Fingersniffer

    Need some advice, this is my first time with w/c products, help please!

    I've been building systems for better part of 15 years and I have 2 IT degrees so I'd like to think I know my way around a computer but I've finally decided to tackle a project I've never undertaken before, Water Cooling. I've read the beginner posts and the case posts but to be honest I feel...
  20. calemus

    Start Menu to Windows 8:was only a matter of time

    im suprised this took so long but im seriously happy the community is stepping up to pimp slap MS in their over control Pokki Brings the Start Menu to Windows 8 | News & Opinion | PCMag.com im looking forward to a lot more beat down of the stupidity