1. ARCTIC Rep.

    ARCTIC Introduces New MX-5 Thermal Compound

    PRESENTING MX-5: ARCTIC UNVEILS NEW PREMIUM THERMAL PASTE ARCTIC, one of the leading manufacturers of low-noise PC coolers and components, officially launches its MX-5 thermal paste today. The newly developed, high-performance paste comes with an ideal set of thermal properties...
  2. aryan51


    what is the best tim money can buy to use on my crazy 15,000 build for gpu and cpu
  3. T

    hello i am Tim from Oklahoma

    Hello My name is Tim and been building for a long time. How ever when I moved to OK i did not have a computer. i got a computer from a friend out of state he upgraded his and gave me this one. How ever I am having issues. Where do i post questions at ?
  4. Doctor_Death

    TIM question for all Pure OC members

    Hi Guys After talking to the company's that sent samples for the AIO round up, we would like to know how many people use the pre-applied TIM, or just wipe it off and use your favorite TIM. Also, please let us know if you at least try the pre-applied TIM, before using your favorite brand, and...
  5. grumpydaddy

    Intel tim replacement results

    It is in Spanish but the graphs tell the story (Work by amlett) Review i7 3770K intel TIM | AS5 | MX4 | PK1 | LQP | IX What happens to the temperatures when the ihs is removed and the intel tim is replaced with Liquid pro. Graph shows various Tim's used outside the IHS once the cpu is...
  6. Deton

    Thermal Compounds Roundup

    Thermal compound play an important role in computer and electronic cooling, it can make or break your cooler cooling performance efficiency. Currently we have over hundreds thermal interface materials available on the market. They are all claims to be the best for overclockers, the best thermal...
  7. shattered.likeness

    Indigo Extreme

    I found this website today while perusing several online PC parts retailers, and am curious if anyone else has beard of them before, and to see if there is enough interest in it to try to get some for review. Personally, looking at the application and "Burn In" procedures looks a little...
  8. Deton

    High Performance TIM Replacement

    Indigo Xtreme is a new high performance approach for CPU cooler. Its claims 2-5°c gain over the current high performance such as AC5, MX2 & MX3, IC Diamond...etc. However, it's quiet expensive, read more info here http://indigo-xtreme.com/index.html