1. HyperactiveSloth

    The GTX 950 thread.

    I was surprised to see no discussion about the newly released GTX 950 today, so I figured I'd start my own even though I have little in the way of informative detail to give. I can say that by the looks of the benchmarks so far and the reported price, that this could easily be the new...
  2. freddee

    The Hi from Fred Thread

    Hi all, I'm Fred, recently discovered a passion for the guts and tissue of computers, and now I'm looking to build my own for the first time. Hoping to learn a lot from you experienced heads, and also share a laugh or two along the way. Greetings, Fred
  3. xelosia

    Intel To Launch Xeon E7 Ivytown ‘Ivy Bridge-EX’ Processor With 15 Cores and 30 Thread

    Intel To Launch Xeon E7 Ivytown 'Ivy Bridge-EX' Processor With 15 Cores and 30 Threads
  4. AverageNinja

    Steam Trading Cards Trading Thread

    Hey lads! So I thought this might be interesting, just a thread where you can list your doubles and give a list of cards you are looking for in steam. I currently have no doubles, while I do need a few cards, so I'm sitting this thread out (for now ;)) Happy trading!!
  5. fscrivy

    Animals Picture Thread

    with all the crap news and daily bad things that happen heres a thread all about animals so post pictures of animals yours or ones you fined on the net. i have no animals so here are some i found browsing
  6. fscrivy

    Music Video Thread

    since i didnt see one of these thread i thought to myself start one so here it is just as the title says post them here, if this isnt allow my bad.
  7. T

    AMD Video Card Thread :)

    So sorry to use such words, but HOLY SANTA CLAUS ****!!! Has anyone ever used RadeonPro? OMG made a difference for real!!! WTH was I when this was talked about lol
  8. C

    Old Hardware Photo Thread

    I would like to start this thread in order to showcase older hardware. Maybe even gain some photography knowledge. Here's a few I took of a Pentium 150 and what I believe is a stick of memory with my iPhone. There are really no rules to this thread, just keep the posts relevant. Specs...
  9. Adham

    New Funny Thread

    Well im making this new thread because the other is old haha anyways watch this : (stolen from Trak's facebook wall)
  10. SamCR3

    FX-8350 Overclocking and Benchmark Thread

    I'm starting this thread so all of us AMD guys can collect our overclocking and benchmark results for the FX-8350. I'll start. Here's a photo of my new chip in its fancy tin: I flashed the bios on my Crosshair V Formula motherboard to the most recent version and installed the chip last...
  11. Doomas

    Another Help thread - AMD or Nvidia in dual GPU settup

    Almost finist to build my new rig - [Build Log] Project - Red October and time to come, to start looking for GPUs.. I was waiting for 660ti.. but with the current price tag for this card and AMD price drop.. I am confused. Nvidia 680 is to expensive for me.. so .. I want to try find best price...
  12. D

    Knife thread

    This thread is dedicated to knives, axes, swords, and everything sharp. My current arsenal consists of a Benchmade Griptilian (154-CM), Benchmade Bone Collector Fixed with Gut Hook (D2), an unfortunate Gerber (7Cr), a CRKT Kommer 30-30 (1.4116), a Benchmade Mini-Pardue (154-CM), a Cold Steel...
  13. Solara2xb

    Show us your OLD Rig - Thread

    Last night I was cleaning the Garage a little and found a OLD OLD OLD case in the box and pulled it out and low and behold it was my old P3 build from my high school days... I wanted to keep the case since it was in a old school Thermaletake Full Tower here are the parts I pulled out.. lolz...
  14. aryan51

    aftermarket gtx 680 thread

    this is the first aftermarket gtx 680 i have seen. post others when you see them
  15. Drdeath

    AMD vs Intel. PureOverclock's CPU comparison thread

    For many years, AMD and Intel owners have been trading blows. For quite a few years, Intel has held the crown for overall performance in the computer arena. As of recent, AMD released the new addition to their family codenamed Bulldozer and initial results show, namely Sandybridge and the new...
  16. L

    The Funny GIF Thread

    The GIF Thread The rules are: 1. Post a gif that you think is funny or amusing (keep it safe for work)
  17. xbournex

    BitFenix Contest and Giveaway Thread

    I wouldn't want to fill up this forum for contest, so I'll just put all future contests into this one thread. :) Anyways, this week, we have 2 contests for you guys. As announced on Facebook, I am giving away 4 Spectre Pro's 120mm fans to 3 people on
  18. L

    Official Black Friday Deal Thread

    Post your Black Friday deal links here! :)
  19. Drdeath

    Official Bulldozer Benchmark Thread

    Guys. If any of you get Bulldozer FX chips post your Benchmarks here.. I stressed the cores on the FX-8150, 2600K and 2500K 80-90% running multi monitors. I ran a movie, copied a movie to file and compressed a 2G file while running benchmarks. More to come... Here is where it may get...
  20. L

    Modern Warfare Versus Battlefield Thread