Thermaltake N21 troublesh

    Helloguys how's everyone I'm building myNew system everything fine so far as in Building. I am having trouble I looked on YouTube my manual and still cannot Get the top off or the front to bezel hope Anyone here has one. Usually takes me 30 mIns to an hour to build a system and I been stuck...
  2. TeeBlack

    Thermaltake RGB fans

  3. TeeBlack

    CaseLabs apologizes to Thermaltake for stealing accusations

    Source: BREAKING: CaseLabs apologizes to Thermaltake for stealing accusations
  4. TeeBlack

    Thermaltake copying designs from other companies?

    Overclock3D :: Review :: Thermaltake 'designs' at Computex 2015 look familiar :: Thermaltake Sinks to a New Design Low at Computex But to be fair we all know Tiny Tom Logan hates Thermaltake.
  5. Gu3

    Press Release: New Thermaltake Rads

    Just saw this splurged all over the interwebs. Thermaltake - U.S.A. - Thermaltake Debuts Full Range of Radiators The Pacific RL and R Series Optimized for Maximum Heat Dispatching Seems like TT has lept into the Radiator Market in a big way. Be interesting to see how they perform, and who...
  6. TeeBlack

    Thermaltake Core X9 Snow Edition

    Wish i had one of these!
  7. xelosia

    Thermaltake Unveils the new Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit

    Thermaltake - Global - Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit - CL-W063-CA00BL-A
  8. TeeBlack

    Thermaltake Core X9 Stacking Case

    Thermaltake Core X9 The Core X9, the first E-ATX chassis of the Core X Series by Thermaltake, is a cube case offering endless stackable capacity and expandability for enthusiasts to create massive liquid cooling systems, utilize as a file server as well as accommodate dual systems. Users can...
  9. Cyberburnout

    Thermaltake Urban T81 Case Review

    Thermaltake shook up the market a few years ago with the release of the Level 10 chassis. It took everything we knew about what a computer case was supposed to look like, and tossed it out a window. It won Thermaltake (sometimes referred to as TT) many accolades and awards for design and...
  10. TeeBlack

    Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate

    Thermaltake - U.S.A. - Water 3.0 Ultimate - CL-W007-PL12BL-A
  11. Smiki007

    Thermaltake Urban S71

    Looks good, don't you think so (better of all TT models IMO). Thermaltake Urban S71 would be nice to see PureOC review of the case.
  12. bearbear12345

    ThermalTake 2.0/3.0 in ThermalTake Element T

    Note: This is a double post, as I am unsure if this thread goes to Cases & Modding, or Cooling so, without further ado. Heyo! So I finally reach the stage of being allowed to upgrade my computer :) I was thinking of getting a liquid cooler for awhile, and now I can. In the beginning, I was...
  13. Adham

    ThermalTake giveaway Level 10 GTS Case
  14. techjesse

    My new Thermaltake CLW0217 Water 2.0 Extreme

    I've been running a D-14 on my i7 3930K with "Ultra Kaze" fans, the performance was good but load! Now I'm running a Thermaltake CLW0217 Water 2.0 Extreme Liquid CPU Cooler and WoW it is quite. I like IC Diamond for T.I.M. (best I've found) and the temps on this "Extreme" is great. So far I've...
  15. L

    Thermaltake Mini-ITX Chassis SD101

  16. realneil

    Sale on Thermaltake 240mm Cooler

    Today, there is a sale on the Thermaltake CLW0217 Water 2.0 Extreme/All-In-One Liquid Cooling System. Regular price is $144.99 with a rebate of $30.00 for a total of $119.00. Sale price is a Newegg Shell Shocker and it's going for $79.99 after the rebate mentioned. Good price on what looks like...
  17. SamCR3

    New Thermaltake Soprano Mid Tower

    I love the look of this case. It would be perfect for the APU rig I just built. Thermaltake - Global - New Soprano - VO900M1N2N
  18. Doctor_Death

    Question for Thermaltake Giveaway Winners

    Hi Guys This question is directed for the 3 forum members that won prizes in our Thermaltake Giveaway. Can you please tell me if you have received your prizes yet, and if you did when ? Thanks Stan
  19. Doctor_Death

    Thermaltake Giveaway Winners Names Announced

    Week 9 of Pure OC's Summer Giveaway officially ended Saturday September 1st. I would like to give Thermaltake and especially Ramsom Koay a big thanks for supporting Pure OC's Summer Giveaway. I know everyone would like to know who won, so lets get to it! 1. The Dracco Signature Headset goes...
  20. Doctor_Death

    Week 9 of Pure OC's Summer Giveaway Sponsored By Thermaltake

    Hi Guys Welcome to week 9 of Pure OC's Summer Giveaway. This weeks giveaway is sponsored by our good friends at Thermaltake, and I'd like to give a special thanks to Ramsom Koay ! We have some really cool prizes this week, all you need to do to enter the Thermaltake Giveaway, is reply to this...