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    Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Cooler
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    Thermalright TRUE Spirit CPU Air Cooler

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  3. Skyguy

    Thermalright HR-02 Passive Heatsink

    The Thermalright HR-02 is a passive CPU cooler, and we're not going to baby it today. Not only are we going to strap it without a fan onto a Core i7 monster, we're also going to run it head-to-head against two of the best heatsinks we've seen on the market, the Noctua D14 and Prolimatech...
  4. Skyguy

    Thermalright Venomous X-RT

    The Thermalright Venomous X-RT is one CPU cooler that claims to offer a successful combination of strong performance while maintaining low noise levels. We know that Thermalright has an excellent track record in producing successful heatsinks, so we're hoping they're up to the task since...
  5. Skyguy

    Thermalright Spitfire & VRM-R5

    Thermalright is no stranger to overclockers the world over; their Ultra-120 was a legendary CPU cooler. But Thermalright isn’t limited to CPU cooling, however, and the Spitfire and VRM-R5 are the latest in their product lineup to focus on top cooling performance for enthusiasts. Let’s...