1. aryan51

    test bench

    what is the best test bench for water-cooled system ?
  2. xelosia

    my test resuls ot the revo 350 960 gig drive

    Here are the benchmarks I ran
  3. saturn97

    AMD 290X Noise Test

  4. Doctor_Death

    Crucial M500 Photos and test results

    Here you go guys:
  5. Cyberburnout

    Sapphire Letting Clients Test HD 9970 Curacao XT Graphics Card

    We already provided you with the latest and most up-to-date rumours of AMD’s next series of graphics cards last week. The HD 9000 series from AMD will be spearheaded by the HD 9970 flagship and apparently Sapphire has been giving select clients and customers access to the HD 9970 to test...
  6. Carnyakam

    Friend runs PassMark 8.0 and it freezes at Direct X 10 test

    I have an AMD Phemon quadcore 2.2ghz Raedon hd 6670 videocard 2gb of ddr3 8gbs of ddr2 ram Is a 64byte system. 600 watt power supply Cable internet downstream is 54mbs He says he has not heating issues or anything, the main issue is that while running the game we play, basicly anything with...
  7. General

    AMD Test Drive

    Update: AMD Test Drive Ok People here's what is on this Run of Review BIG SHOUT OUT & Part added (*) to my Sponsor AMD , Fractal , *Sapphire , *Prolimatech inc(PCI slot fan mount ) , *Antec ( 120mm Fan Kuhler 920) , *Zelman (heat sink) , *Arctic Silver5 , Kingston & Microsoft. who helped me...
  8. killjoyjim

    killjoy's stress test.

  9. Doctor_Death

    Heavy Load Srress Test

    Has anyone here ever use a stress test program called Heavy Load ? I'm going to give it a try today, and add it to the list of other programs use in the AIO round up.
  10. A

    [casemod] CM Test bench V2

    Hey guys, This is an ongoing mod which is quite far done. I will post more build log photos a bit later and as the modding continues i will post new photos. There are still things i haven't done but entered the case in the cooler master mod competition and this is how far i got before the...
  11. windwithme

    Test of BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z77X with improved built-in audio unit effect

    In recent years, overclocking and material are the major positioning route in the middle and high-level MB market. With the Desktop market changing, the terms like electric competition or Gaming appear on the technical data of a lot of hardware. For the MB field with mature specifications, it...
  12. xelosia

    Mars' Curiosity gets ready to take its first chemistry test

    The Curiosity rover is now well on its way to its first major destination, a site called Glenelg that's only about 100m from its current position. On its drive, which it started over 50 sols (Martian days) ago, it has continued to check out its equipment, almost all of which seems to be...
  13. TeeBlack

    Stress Test...

    Just curious what stress test yall like to use when test your stability. Prime95, wPrime, OCCT, Intel Burn Test, LinX, Aida64 etc...
  14. JamesLT3

    Test Bench

    So ive been looking at test benches latley and was thinking of getting one so i need your help. Which one do you think is the best and not very expensive...not over $100
  15. killjoyjim

    Test bench Plan's

    I am thinking of trying to make a Test Bench.Because the cost is a bit more that I can afford.So with that in mind.Is there a place were I can get plan's fore one? Thank's
  16. Solara2xb

    AMD Dimastech Test Bench

    Hey All, As I am starting to get my feet wet in reviews, I decided to set-up a AMD test bench (working on Intel one soon). Here is my current set-up as it sits now. I've had it put together for a week or so now.. Since this is a test bench parts will being moving on and off this board quiet...
  17. grumpydaddy

    So, You want to test a motherboard....

    ....But it is a 1155 board and the only processors you have are 2600K or 3770K. There is a bit of a risk here???? Would you risk such a processor??? Is there merit in buying a £33 celeron just in case the board kills the processor??? What would you do???
  18. Skyguy

    Phobya WaCoolIT Bench Table

    The Phobya WaCoolIT is a new bench table we’re looking at today. It packs some style and great features, so grab a frosty beverage and let’s take a look at the functionality of this stylish and large test bench. Click Phobya WaCoolIT Bench Table for the full review.
  19. killjoyjim

    Le Crab FPS Test

    What do you guys think of this test? Think it's accurate? It says my FPS is 416. Give it a try: test7
  20. windwithme

    SanDisk Enters SSD High-Speed Field - Extreme 240GB with PC/NB Test

    In my impression, SanDisk is well known brand in Taiwan for years. My first SanDisk product was CF card for digital SLR camera. After another, I also used or researched other brands CF and SD card. I think memory card is key field of SanDisk. SanDisk has wide range product lines of high spec...