1. Adham

    High temps in gaming sessions

    Hello, i been having problems with my CPU lately is getting hoter, i dont know if my pc has a controler or something to tweak around the CPU speeds and since the water cooling system has no branding on it its hard to figure it out for me, i have a version of this pc...
  2. A

    High temps FX-8350 with H110i

    Hi guys! I just bought a H110i watercooler for my system with AMD FX-8350, Corsair V Formula Z and NZXT H440 and while playing Shadow of Mordor i get temps over 65C without OC. I have installed the fans to pull in air on top of the case, but i dont know if that is the best solution. I have 2...
  3. W

    Help with 980Ti Temps

    Guys how are you? I have a serious question now I'm with 2 980ti HOF LN2 GOC sli here and without oc I get 1415 turbo boost But my temps are really high at full load gaming, a heavy game always reach the thermal limit, 83 or 91, always reach when the card uses 100%, I'm on air, and the fans...
  4. T

    Got a New CPU are my Temps ok?

    Hey everyone! i picked up a new 4790k on Black friday to replace my FX8350. Im New to Intel All together and my temps seem to be a little high on my CPU IMO ~27-30c idle, and ~60-62c Full load ambient temps are ~19c i AM under a custom loop if some of you may remember -swiftech apogee XL...
  5. turbobooster

    what temps do you find oke will gaming.

    hello guys just a short question, I now for gaming it will not do much/nothing running a 4670k at 4.5ghz ore 4.7ghz. But I have it at the moment at 4.7ghz with 1.255v when running bf 3 in a 64 map the hottest core will get around 65/68 degrees, do you think that's still oke??? when running at...
  6. F

    new better pump for lower temps

    would a new better pump (d5) give me lower temps than my dcp2.2 combo, at the moment my cpu tops out at 44c but go's up to 52c if gaming for more than a hour, my pump does 400lph which is low compared to a d5 thanks
  7. T

    Way bigger rad, way higher temps?

    for about 5 months i have been using a thermaltake 2x120 mm radiator on my fx8350@4.7 ghz and never saw temps go above 43c, i have now switched over to a black ice stealth 420, this thing was probably twice the size of my old rad, i ran all new hose (in same order) i even replaced the cheapo AMD...
  8. Pete

    GPU temps

    Hi guys I've recently started mining, and i'm currently running my gtx 780, until i can afford an r9 280x. I started out hitting a stable 51C when running the miner. It has now dropped to a stable 45C, and i do not get this. Load is exactly the same, OC the came, cooling runnning at exactly the...
  9. woomdawg

    I7 prime temps

    So I am trying to push my system a little further and crank up my cpu a bit. I am getting about 87/88 degrees when running prime right around the third pass. Can I push it to 90 when over clocking?
  10. L

    MSI GTX 770 Lightning temps

    Hey . I got issue with Lightning 770 , i think. Because in Metro Last Light with maxed all details: On my earlier card, 770 Gaming i was had 79-80C with 46-48% fan auto ( boost 1136 mhz ) On 770 Lightning now i have 77-78C with 65-70% fan auto ( boost 1267 mhz ) Its...
  11. W

    Huge core temps difference, need help

    Hi guys I have a doubt sbout core temps difference I have here a 3770k @4.5 not delided with H100i cooler Did the small test in prime, the one that stress the cpu in the max and i saw a huge core temp differences between the cores Take a look: Core0 - 63C Core1 - 74C Core2 - 76C Core3 -...
  12. Doctor_Death

    New Temps at 4.5GHz

    I added a large Res to my chiller which seems to be hurting temps due to the amount of water it now has to cool, so depending how I feel, tomorrow I'll be adding a smaller Res which hopefully should knock off 15-20c Here's a couple of screen shots taken at 4.5GHz 30mins ago, both at idle and...
  13. woomdawg

    RAM Temps

    Does anyone know what safe temps for RAM modules is? My G.Skill 1600 RAM registers 100 degrees right around the heat sink tomorrow I will tape it to the stick and see if there is a difference in surface temps of the heat sink. when playing BF3 is when I see those high temps. If I run prime...
  14. killjoyjim

    Water Cooling Temps

    Hey all, most of you know I switched to water cooling, here are the new temps. Keep in mind, they were previously in the 100's.
  15. Z

    3930K giving extremely uneven temps across its cores - insights???

    I seem to be getting some wildly different temperatures across the six cores of a 3930K when fully loaded at 4.6 GHz. I have used different TIMS and different cpu coolers, and still get the same kind of results. Here is a sample: Core Temp results: c0 = 81c c1 = 79c c2 = 72c c3 = 74c c4 =...
  16. Doctor_Death

    Temps with the Sandy Bridge - E 3820 at 4.5GHz

    Ok, I got the 3820 up to 4.5GHz with decent temps, 3 cores in the low 20c range and one at 18c, using a modded Boreas Chiller
  17. dbradford32

    Best air temps for your cases?

    I am running a 200mm top fan, 120mm intake fan, 2 120mm dans on my Coolermaster hyper 212+. I believe my temps were in the 29 celcius (84.2 fahrenheit) What are your best CPU temps? Of course, this is without a full load, also. I am not positive about full load temps yet. Those are to...
  18. S

    Newb question: i7 3930K XMP temps and voltages

    I've been running an i7 3930K on an Asus P9X79 Pro mobo at stock clocks with 2X4gb DDR3 1333 GSkill Ripjaw RAM. I recently tried 8gb DDR3 1600 RAM kit (GSkill Snipers) on my system in XMP mode and the boost in performance was quite obvious. But, along with other optimizations, XMP mode...
  19. Drdeath

    WOW! Check these temps....

    Look at these temps I ripped tonite on a Dice run! -67!
  20. Doctor_Death

    2700K temps

    For some reason the newest edition of Core Temp does not recognize the 2700K it says it's a 2600K