1. X

    Gaming system for november 2019

    Hi. I want to know your opinion about this system: . It will be used for gaming, browsing, some programming stuff, torrents. I want a silent system, to keep for about 4 years. The case is limited by the size of my office. I will use also an existent SSD...
  2. H

    good operating system

    I want the best operating system any ideas.......cheers.
  3. S

    Which cooling system is best for high-performance PC?

    Which cooling system is best for high-performance PC?
  4. S

    My system CPU Fan is not running?

    My system CPU Fan is not running?
  5. E

    How to change the proxy of the system?

    How to change the proxy of the system?
  6. realneil

    Ryzen-5 1500X System

    I needed an HTPC for the living room and decided to use an old i7-870 Lynnfield CPU and Board that I had on the shelf. It worked, but it was slow as molasses. There were no malfunctions other than the i7-870 was hopelessly outclassed by today's computing demands. I couldn't stand it. I looked...
  7. sweetpat

    System restarts : Please help

    Hi there I’m Patricia. I think this is the best place where I get an expert solution for my doubt. A few weeks back I got a gift from my elder brother for my birthday. It is an awesome gaming PC assembled on a rack mount. I love games and started playing from the same day itself. It was working...
  8. turbobooster

    new system overclock settings oke

    hello guys, so i dumped my fx 8320 system for a good price and for the same price i bought this 1. oke its no skylake but its good for now. 4670k maximus hero z87 32gb corsair dominator platinum 1600mhz c10 gtx 780ti (gaming on 1920x1080) seidon 120mm cooler i overclocked it to 4.5ghz ad...
  9. SamCR3

    System Stability Issue - Help!

    Hey all, So I disassembled my main rig and second rig. I built one good system out of the two for the time being. FX 8350, Crosshair V Formula, Corsair Dominator 1866 RAM, 2 x 7970's, Seasonic 850W PSU. CPU is being cooled by a Corsair H105. Build was painless, but I had a hell of a time...
  10. aryan51

    high end htpc and gaming system

    am starting a new build i want to build a ultra high end 4k gaming system i am not much of a overclocker but i have a buget of 6000 the case is going to be from STEIGER DYNAMICS and want to go with x99 and the 5960x and i realy like asus mobos and i think i will go with 2 evga geforce gtx...
  11. Mystikhol9

    Old System - New Parts

    I'm looking to upgrade my daughter's tower, as we often joke about how she keeps getting my "hand me downs". So, I just got an FX 6350 for a good price from the egg, $38 off (sale,48 hr promo and will call pickup). Next is the mobo, either the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 or ASUS M5A99FX Pro 2.0...
  12. C

    System Reserved at 99.9%

    Windows 7 Professional 64bit I have the following files in “System Volume Information”. I can no longer even see them. I have tried setting Owner to Administrator using Properties and “takeown,CACLS” commands. I am at 99.9% of the space allocated to “System Reserved” it does show alongside...
  13. joshjaks

    The Elusive System Showcase

    Well guys, this year has been a trying one with my PC. :nutkick:As some of you may know, I've had repeated problems with my Glacer 240l. I literally went through 4 of them! It wasn't until my last RMA that I found a post in the CM threads where a guy explained that the pump is literally too...
  14. TeeBlack

    Fractal Design Kelvin Series AIO Water Cooling System

    i wonder how well these perform. looking forward to a review of these. i wonder if these will give Swiftech a run for the money.
  15. Deyo

    Is the new Graphics Card compatible with my system?

    Hey guys, I have been reading through your forums for quite some time but I just never posted anything before.:) There is some great info here. And I just have one question. I'm planing on upgrading my Video Card but I'm not sure if it's compatible with my system. I'm going to list all my...
  16. Mystikhol9

    How to choose a power supply for a liquid cooled system?

    Water, water, water, everywhere and none of it you can drink! I'm trying to learn a few things about building a liquid cooled system so that when I can actually afford it, I'll know how to choose the parts. The one thing on my mind the most, is making sure there is enough power. For now, based...
  17. joshjaks

    Question about topping of cooling system

    My cooler master glacer 240l is getting a lot of air in it. Keeps air locking the pump when I start the computer. I was wondering if I could just mix distilled water in with what is already there and top off my rad that way? Also I was thinking of contacting cooler master but I don't want to...
  18. xelosia

    KOR-FX Gaming Vest: 4DFX Haptic Feedback System

  19. T

    So which AMD GPU has the best cooling system?

    We all want a powerful graphics card and many of us ask to find the perfect balance in the value for money category but we ignore one important thing. Probably the most important one after clock speed. And that's the heat. It's bad for a gpu to overheat so which gpu from the R9 series do you...
  20. D

    New Member need help to overclock his system

    Hello everyone! I have heard very cool stuff about this forum and the kindly people here, who help little noobies like me to overclock theire PC. I know little about overclock and need help from you masters to understand what are the optimal values for overclock that i can use on my CPU without...