1. Mystikhol9

    Just a suggestion...

    Hello one and all! I was just looking at my profile to make some additions, (didn't, yet) and noticed that I've been a member for a little over a year now. I must admit that now and then I check some of the other performance sites and have found PureOC to be one of the most professional and...
  2. S

    Motherboard suggestions? (Z87)

    Soo... I've finally got rid of the rest of my old hardware, and now I'm looking to venture into the land of Z87; already have a 4770K waiting to be put to use, so all I need is a motherboard for it! So what I'd like to ask, any suggestions for what motherboard to purchase? any input is welcome...
  3. FearViper

    Need Opinions And Suggestion For A Graphic Card

    Hi all, I am very noob when it comes to PC stuff. I usually play games on consoles but there are some games i want to play on PC. I have a PC with specs listed below i want your guys opinions and suggestion for a video card that can run BF4 on low or medium settings don't care for high settings...
  4. W

    Thermal Paste Suggestion

    HI guys I have a 3770k @ 4.5 and i`m using Mx4 on it I was thinking to change my thermal paste I was looking for: Tuniq Tx2 - Extreme Tuniq Tx4 Gelid GC Extreme Wich one you recommend? Other sugestion? I will use with a H100 cooler Thanks
  5. Solara2xb

    mATX Gaming Motherboard Suggestion

    hey guys, Trying to help my friend rebuild his Gaming Lan box. He wants to keep his AMD CPU which is AM3 He previously had a MSI board but took a crap on him. Needs to be a mATX due to his Lan box. trying to see what you guys suggest. Trying to find something that is under $100 bucks...
  6. Y


    Jameson in the "view forum leaders" list could we have the regulars and moderators above the hordes of members? there are that many members on the list no one ever gets to see us regulars :P