1. Cyberburnout

    Free Heros of the Storm Keys Beta Keys

    Thanks to our friend Zach "The Bearded Modder" Bliss for offering the beta keys to members of PureOC. First come first serve. In case you have no clue what HOTS is
  2. vinman

    Digital Storm's first Steam Machine will be a $1,469 gaming PC

    Digital Storm's first Steam Machine will be a $1,469 gaming PC Digital Storm has a Steam Machine too. The boutique gaming PC manufacturer has just announced its own take on Valve's formula for a Linux-based game console, and it just goes to show how diverse these computers will be when they hit...
  3. TeeBlack

    CM Storm Aluminum Series

    i would love to have all of them! :thumbsupbig: Pulse-R: CM Storm » Products: Pulse-R MECH: CM Storm » Products: MECH Reaper: CM Storm » Products: Reaper [URL="<br /><br /> [/URL]
  4. bundymania

    [Bundymania User Review] CM Storm HAVOC Gaming Mouse

    Hello everybody, it's time again for a new review from my lab. But todays topic is not about any watercoolingpart. Today I want to write about a gaming peripheral. Specifically about CM Storms Havoc gaming-mouse. Cooler Master, better known for his computer chasis, since 2008 is also a well...
  5. vinman

    Microsoft Relying on Gaming, Cloud to Weather PC Storm

    Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is weathering slumping personal-computer sales by focusing on Xboxes, business software and cloud services, as departing Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer seeks to make the company less dependent on its Windows operating system. Microsoft reported fiscal first-quarter...
  6. TeeBlack

    Digital Storm Hydrolux

    Digital Storm raises the bar in PC liquid cooling with the HydroLux | TweakTown
  7. L

    3dmark 13 - computer shutsdown only in DEMO ICE STORM

    While i am on 3dmark 13 ICE STORM demo test, my pc completely turns off and after a few seconds powers back on. The computer just will turn off , restart and will give me the option to start windows normally due to a unexpected shutdown. In the event viewer i keep getting Kernel-Power event ...
  8. xelosia

    Cooler Master Also Unveils the CM Storm MECH Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

    Quote Cooler Master Also Unveils the CM Storm MECH Customizable Mechanical Keyboard | techPowerUp
  9. News Team

    CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard

    We've got the latest mechanical keyboard from Cooler Master: the QuickFire Stealth. It's part of their growing Storm lineup that's geared to gamers, and this board features the vaunted Cherry MX switches. It comes with an attractive price of $85 as well, and a few other nice features to boot...
  10. C

    Anyone else getting battered by the winter storm?

    Snow and freezing rain constantly! My power keeps going off intermittently. I think it will be out for a good few hours in a little while. Anyone else having power outages/storm info/pics?
  11. TeeBlack

    NZXT 630 vs CM Storm Trooper.

    i love my storm trooper. (my 1st love in full towers lol) but i also like the NZXT 630. should i pull the trigger on the 630? i know it's all personal preference but would like to know what you think.
  12. xelosia

    U.S. nuclear plant declares "alert" after Sandy storm surge: NRC

    NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2012 (Reuters) — Exelon Corp declared an "alert" at its New Jersey Oyster Creek nuclear power plant due to a record storm surge, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said, warning that a further water rise could force the country's oldest working plant to use emergency water...
  13. Solara2xb

    DeepCool Gamer Storm Assassin CPU Cooler

    Over the past several years we have seen some impressive air coolers. The competition is fierce, and nearly every brand has had some great products. There is always someone looking to take king of the hill in reputation. Today we will be looking at Deepcool's new Assassin Air Cooler to see if it...
  14. L

    Digital Storm - PC vs. Console Gaming

    Some things in this world just don’t get along – oil and water, cats and dogs, PC gamers and console gamers. One can barely go on a gaming forum these days without seeing the standard animosity between the two factions repeatedly rear its ugly head. So what is the truth of the matter? Who...
  15. TeeBlack

    New Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 case

    i think it's gonna be released tomorrow.
  16. TeeBlack

    Storm Trooper build

    Well the Storm Trooper is up and running as speak. Currently running prime 95 for a 4.5ghz overclock. System specs: CPU: Intel 2500k MB: Asrock P67 Extreme4 B3 RAM: G.Skill Snipper 8gb kit (4gb x 2) 1333mhz VGA: Sapphire 6850 CPU COOLER: Asetek 570LC in push/pull with 2 pwm Swiftech Helix 120's...
  17. TeeBlack

    New CM Storm Strykers?

  18. L

    CM Storm Skorpion Mouse

  19. Skyguy

    Cooler Master Storm Trigger

    The Cooler Master Storm Trigger mechanical keyboard sports the vaunted Cherry MX switches, comes with fully backlit keys, and a competitive price tag of $120. Sounds pretty good from the spec sheet. Let's take a closer look and see how it fares in action. Click Cooler Master Storm Trigger for...
  20. bullydog

    Digital Storm designs and builds their own case - Aventum

    Sexy and sweet as hell !!!!! Dr D can you get one for review then sell me the case only please!!! :wub: This thing surely is good enough to be in MurderMod league?