1. R

    M.2 (NGFF) SSD Advice

    Could someone please give me a bit of advice on which M.2 (NGFF) Type 2260 SSD card to buy for my ROG mPCIe Combo III add on which came with my Maximus VII Formula M/B. There doesn't seem to be many 2260 cards and I have no idea which make to go for. Any help would be most helpful. Thanks.....Ron.
  2. lakeside2189

    a look at the Intel 750 SSD

    I have tried both..The PCI plug in and the hyper kit adapter plug in for my Sabertooth X99 MB. The Intel 750 either way brings new things to the table..This PC-05 score is up 15,000 because of the 750.. Don't get me wrong, the 8 core 5960X also helps the score but the intel 750 is what takes...
  3. joshjaks

    SSD Sales

    These Sandisk SSD sales could be impossible to beat. Look at those performance numbers too!!! Anyways, just wanted to share since this isn't an SSD year for me. Sandisk ultra II -
  4. Gu3

    Demystifying the current SSD crop...

    Those guys over at HardOCP have put a great "State of the SSD Market" type article up. It does a great job demystifying the current crop of SSD connectors & protocols. Short, but good read. HARDOCP - Introduction - Fall 2015 Solid State Drive Technology Update Gu3
  5. Gu3

    OMG...DROOL...Samsung 950 Pro PCIe NVMe SSD!

    Just saw this in my RSS reader... The Samsung 950 Pro PCIe SSD Review (256GB and 512GB) Now there's an SSD I'd like to give a vendor my filthy Lucre to have in my machines! S.
  6. Smiki007

    Samsung Launches New 2TB SSD 850 EVO And 850 PRO Models!!!

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  7. Gu3

    More SSD stuff...

    All, In my daily perusal of the Interwebs looking for great articles to sustain hopes in my <5 Years til the end of Spinners Years bet with Sandy, I ran across a couple more interesting articles on SSD's: This one: A fresh look at storage performance with PCIe SSDs - The Tech Report - Page 1...
  8. Gu3

    Good but Short...article on SSD's 2015

    Good Article on SSD related tech in 2015 Nice Primer on NVMe, SATAe, & M.2 HARDOCP - State of the SSD Market: 2015 - Where the SSD Market is Headed in 2015 S.
  9. xelosia

    Fixstars Launches the World's Highest Density SSD, the SSD-3000M

    Fixstars Launches the World's Highest Density SSD, the SSD-3000M | techPowerUp
  10. automaton

    used space ssd

    upon install I was using 26gb now its up to 30 is this normal a year later samsung 830 256gb
  11. Smiki007

    Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD

    Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD - The Next Evolution of Extreme Storage Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD
  12. R

    SSD vs HDD

    Hi, since SSD's are cheaper, faster and more reliable, I was wanting to run a 256 or 512 SSD as my data drive and just backup to a HDD, what do you guys think?
  13. C

    Post your SSD information!

    I decided to start this thread in order to share and compare the hours of use between our members with SSDs. Run Crystal Disk Info and post a screenshot of your SSD information! (if you know of a program better than CDI, let me know!)
  14. grumpydaddy

    SSD Discussion

    It seems we have come a long way in a few short years with the development of ssd's and so now with the latest generation starting to be released by a few of the manufacturers and with these having warranties of up to 10 years, it occurred to me that some of you guys might like to tell us what...
  15. Smiki007

    Everyone buying an SSD should read this first!

    Great help for everyone who wants to buy an SSD. Johnny Lucky Solid State Drive Database
  16. xelosia

    The Intel SSD DC S3700

    AnandTech | Intel SSD DC P3700 Review: The PCIe SSD Transition Begins with NVMe
  17. xelosia

    New Middleware Technology Quadruples SSD Speed

    New Middleware Technology Quadruples SSD Speed -- Tech-On!
  18. TeeBlack

    Asus 1st SSD The HyperXpress

    Source: ASUS shows off its first SSD, the HyperXpress SSD
  19. B

    OS SSD acting weird?

    So my Windows 7 OS (title accidentally said OC) is on an 119GB Corsair SSD. This last weekend I was cleaning it up, updating spyware definitions, etc. when I noticed that a phantom file of some sort decided to take all the extra space on the SSD. I had 40GB or so of free space and after doing...
  20. xelosia

    Double your SSD capacity lol

    OverClocked inside - Redaktion PC hardware page