1. Nixeus_Andy

    Nixeus Arc 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker - Press Release

    Nixeus Revitalizes Portable Bluetooth Audio The Nixeus ARC 4.0 Bluetooth speaker aiming to bridge the gap between affordability and high fidelity July 21, 2015 - BALDWIN PARK, Calif. -- Nixeus Technology, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, today, announces the latest addition to...
  2. C

    X-Mini Speaker

    So.. I got one of these X-mini : Product for some audio on the go. It was annoying me because it could only go so loud and then it would distort. Anyway.. here's what happened to that speaker...
  3. Doctor_Death

    New Speaker Kit Coming In For Review

    Hi Guys We should be receiving a new speaker kit from review from Eagle Tech within the next week or two.
  4. L

    Soundlazer speaker

    Soundlazer by Richard Haberkern — Kickstarter
  5. SamCR3

    Opinion about this 2.1 Speaker System

    I'm thinking of buying the Genius SW-G2.1 1250 speakers pictured. See: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836110059. Never bought anything manufactured by this company before. I like the look of the system as it will match my red theme very nicely and they are in my price...
  6. Skyguy

    ASUS Xonar DS 7.1 Audio Card

    Although probably best known for manufacturing top notch motherboards and graphics cards, ASUS also produces a line of sound cards as well. And if their success in other product markets is any indication, we have high expectations of their audio lineup as well. But today marks a bit...