1. C

    I Hate Spam

    Is there a legal way to convince spammers that I DO NOT want my e-mail loaded with there worthless c***p? You will always get some, BUT I sold my house last November. I am constantly getting garbage like "I have a buyer for your home", "I can get you a better mortgage", "You qualify for a...
  2. aryan51


    these spam guys are out of hand ? i would like to break there little fingers :attack:
  3. L

    McAfee turns customers' PCs into spam servers
  4. E

    beat my spam count

    today i finally got around to checking some of the email accounts for pureoverclock. Excluding the news email address which always gets hammered with emails, my junk filter email box is standing pretty at 11,377 spams (l33t!!!111), and over 1600 to read outside of the junk filter. well done...
  5. Deton

    Spammer Alert!!!

    kevin7901 is the one :lsfight: ...he posted a advertising linlks in the CPU, Memory, Laptop, General App, PC Games forums.
  6. News Team

    MySpace awarded 230 million from spam case

    As a result of the defendants failing to appear in court, MySpace has been awarded 230 million in damages in the largest judgment ever against spammers. Read the full story here...