1. grumpydaddy

    unable to connect to proxy server

    My boy is a terror for gaming websites and as a result it is necessary to run malwarebytes regularly. The latest issue is one of browser unable to connect to proxy server. He has mentioned trying to set up a game server for minecraft I know nothing of proxy servers. I could use some help or...
  2. woomdawg

    ARMA 3 dedicated server

    I want to build a server after the first of the year now that I am back to work and run ARMA 3 on it. I have never built or run a server so I have some questions. :shrug: what kind of hardware do I need? :shrug:motherboard, Do I need a server motherboard? what is the difference between a...
  3. xelosia

    AMD shows off the guts of its first ARM server chip

    AMD shows off the guts of its first ARM server chip | Ars Technica
  4. xelosia

    IBM unveils Power8 and OpenPower pincer attack on Intel’s x86 server monopoly

    IBM unveils Power8 and OpenPower pincer attack on Intel?s x86 server monopoly | ExtremeTech
  5. realneil

    Minecraft Server?

    My daughter needs advice on what to include in a planned minecraft server. There is $2,000.00 to spend if required. Someone they know said to RAID two SSDs in a i7 build? IDK about this because I don't play Minecraft. RealNeil
  6. G

    Use one server on 2 networks?

    I have a File/Print server running Win2k3 R2. It currently serves my private network of several PCs running everything from DOS/Win3x to Windows 7 Ultimate and several flavers of Linux. In the same house, there is another network, the "main" network, which is connected to the internet through a...
  7. joshjaks

    Funny story that led to our first gaming server (Terraria)

    So a while back, we moved into a new hospital, and a company bought a Dell Poweredge r320 to run the phone system. The server got stolen, and they took care of it, but in the spring time, a friend of one of our IT guys was like, "Hey, I found this thing in the desert, and thought it might belong...
  8. Vitale87

    Dayz Origins Server - Australia

    This is a mod based off dayz For anyone planning to start origins mod there's an aussie server setup averages around 30 people 20-30 ping usually very smooth Anyone interested the details are here Server Name : Official DayZ Origins #GX AUS Team Militia Server |...
  9. Doomas

    NAS server recommendations

    Maybe someone can recommend cheap, but powerful (nothing special, will be used for storage some data, stream movies, etc - general home use) NAS dual HDD server ? I was looking something like that... ZyXEL NSA325 or QNAP TS-212
  10. P

    Server Motherboards

    I've been looking at server components for my next build (not for a few years) just for lolz. I've seen in multiple places that you cannot run SLI/CrossFire on server motherboards, anyone know why? I personally see no reason why not if you could find a server motherboard with a few PCIe x16...
  11. xelosia

    AMD Introduces Industry’s Most Powerful Server Graphics Card

    NYSE: AMD) today launched the AMD FirePro™ S10000, the industry’s most powerful server graphics card, designed for high-performance computing (HPC) workloads and graphics intensive applications. The AMD FirePro S10000 is the first professional-grade card to exceed one teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) of...
  12. B

    Hosting new Minecraft server

    Well, I got bored so I decided to put my computer to some use. I am hosting a minecraft server. There's nothing special about it just yet. I'm still in the learning phase of things, to see what cool things I can do. But if anyone wants to join it, and mess around, be my guest. It'll be up...
  13. windwithme

    Intel Xeon E5-2680 and GIGABYTE X79S-UP5 Server Level Performance

    This year, Intel has 2 CPU sockets in DeskTop market. As previous generation, Extreme was LGA 1366 and mainstream was LGA 1156. The new generation Extreme is LGA 2011 and mainstream is LGA 1155. X79 life cycle should be around 3 years which is same as X58. LGA 2011 in consumer market only has...
  14. xelosia

    Microsoft server 2012

    First look: Windows Server 2012 brings the cloud down to earth | Ars Technica
  15. C

    Team Fortress 2 (TF2) General Talk

    To those who play TF2, I'm trying to get a server going and it would be awesome if you'd join! IP is in my sig.
  16. Drdeath

    Pure Overclock Teamspeak 3 Gaming Server

    Guys, The Teamspeak3 gaming server is officially up. my buddy completed my home server with security and is running. Teamspeak 3 is a voice com software for free and all you have to do is download teamspeak3 client version here: TeamSpeak - Downloads Make sure you choose 32 or 64 bit...
  17. P

    Apache server?

    Anyone know why I could be getting a 403 error on my apache server I just made?
  18. Zankza

    Case for Home Server

    I'm in process of getting every parts for my home server which will serve many purposes, only the left thing that i need to do is decide which case I will be using. I really like SS's FT02B, but the price tag is scaring me away, but if there's no other cases that can convenience me and have...
  19. C

    Minecraft server I've been working on

    Don't judge me. It's mostly for my little bro because he loves the game. Tell me what you think about it! It is a Bukkit 1.8.1 server. IP: I made a site which has info on the server: My friend let me use his domain to host :D
  20. L

    AMD's Bulldozer server benchmarks

    Full Article: