1. taufive

    Radeon RX 570 screen flickering in desktop

    Hey guys, I just recently purchased a 2nd hand Gigabyte RX 570 Aorus and I'm having issues with screen flickering on the desktop with anything that requires GPU acceleration. This includes watching Youtube videos. My issue is exactly like the one in the video. I've...
  2. R

    Need advice: screen mirroring

    Hello guys, I’m here to get a suggestion to share and play slides and videos like screen mirroring. I’m planning this for an event that is going to be held at our college and I need to share those in the audience’s phone. The screen on which we display is not visible to the back end even while...
  3. windwithme

    Big 4K screen workstation – thin and light MSI WS72 revealed

    In the past, it was more common for workstations to position themselves among computers on the PC market. Their built-in graphics card could significantly enhance the level of work efficiency for 3D CAD or video editors. Combining these two working environments’ demands, nearly three years...
  4. xelosia

    LG's super-thin OLED screen sticks to your wall using magnets

    LG's super-thin OLED screen sticks to your wall using magnets LG Display unveils wallpaper OLED panel
  5. T

    290x black screen?

    This is a problem that usually only happens once a day, but super annoying. I did google the problem and found alot of people sayings its a heat problem. But this happens even at stock clocks so im not sure? Basically my problem is every once in a while playing games. My screen just goes black...
  6. realneil

    28" ACER 4K Screen for $379.99 shipped.

    28" ACER 4K Screen for $379.99 shipped. I have this screen and it's pretty nice. It's a Shell Shocker deal at Newegg, so it may not last for long.
  7. T

    New GPU, Black screen after update. Help

    i decided to update my old 7850's to some new 7970's I... 1) uninstalled old drivers 2) took cards out 3) put new cards in 4) put hdmi cable in TOP 7970 5) downloaded and installed new drivers 6) rebooted pc and i got the windows loading screen, then when booting to destop the screen goes...
  8. A

    Gaming Single Screen Monitor

    Which Monitor Price/Function wise would be the best? Also for both or either one would I need 2 780 6GB in SLI or would one be enough? My first choice was the Asus ROG but the price to size ratio was a killer. PG278Q ROG SWIFT Gaming Monitor. Plus I like the wide screen of the LG. gaming...
  9. automaton

    boot wierdness startup halting at bios boot point black screen in between boot

    when booting up 2x I have gotten a stall then after hang it resumes also since 750 ti videocard when starting up I get a black screen before and after windows starts HELP?:nutkick:
  10. J

    Freezes at motherboard splash screen - screen goes blank. Can't access BIOS

    Awhile ago all of a sudden my PC just stopped booting - Would freeze at the Gigabyte splash screen, couldn't access BIOS or boot menu, followed by a blank screen with a flashing " - " in the top left corner where it would stay. Tried clearing CMOS, making sure everything was plugged in right...
  11. S

    Impermanent Screen Resolution

    Acer Aspire 2000 (Cl32) runs WinXP/Pro/Sp3 and can be set to display in its native resolution of 1280 x 800 from its ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 video card. However, when it reboots, it reverts to 640 x 480, and often blames an absent or corrupt video driver. My remedy is to UNinstall the video...
  12. dacul

    Short tip for the blank screen on 8.1 upgrade

    Short tip for the blank screen on 8.1 upgrade ( happens when you're too lazy to uninstall graphic drivers ) : if you didn't add the safe mode option and you still want to get into safe mode the easy way ( frustrating anyway) is to hold the Shift key while pressing like a maniac F8 key before...
  13. vinman

    iPhone 5s Users Seeing 'Blue Screen of Death'

    A number of iPhone 5s owners are reporting that their new smartphones are displaying the feared "blue screen of death" (BSOD) after using certain apps, and then launching into a reboot. iPhone 5s Users Seeing 'Blue Screen of Death' | News & Opinion |
  14. Bilehazard

    Letters "CA" at bottom right of screen

    I have a buddy that just built a new PC. Seemed everything was working fine so far until after a reboot from a Bluescreen, he started getting these letters "CA" at the bottom right of screen when he resets the PC after the bluescreen. He gets these letters even after a failed wake up after the...
  15. y0urpa1n

    Need a good priced led screen

    Hey I havebeen looking around for a good monitor under 120 dollars above 23". Preferably with high contrast and good aspect ratio, thanks!
  16. aryan51

    laptop screen help

    my laptop screen is all funny it is not like this in the bios the screen is perfect there wtf please help thank you in advance
  17. xelosia

    EU imposes $1.9 billion fine on screen producers

    BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union on Wednesday imposed its biggest ever cartel fine of almost €1.47 billion ($1.96 billion) on seven companies for fixing the market of television and computer monitor tubes. The EU's Commission ruled that, for a decade ending in 2006, the companies —...
  18. S

    Screen resolution not fitting TV help

    my buddy has a 7970 video card, hes using a 32inch TV for his monitor and the highest res. the settings allow leave a 1 inch boarder around the screen. i know the 7970 should support the size but im not seeing the option. thanks
  19. Skyguy

    Sapphire VID-2X

    Sapphire’s latest peripheral is the VID-2X. What the VID-2x does is take a single video output from your desktop or laptop and gives you double the pixels across two monitors. This device doesn’t just stretch the same 1080p image across two monitors; it actually scales up to a resolution of...
  20. C

    HD 6850 screen goes black, freezes pc

    Does anyone know what this means? Maybe new thermal grease? At stock clocks it's doing this. Every now and then it freezes my system completely, but usually the screen just goes black and I can ctrl+alt+del and end the process. Only game I play is BF3. I am thinking I should RMA.