1. TeeBlack

    New Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 case

    i think it's gonna be released tomorrow.
  2. C

    Project: Silent Scout

    Hi guys! This is my first time posting on this forum (just registered here few minutes ago). Not only that, I'm also a newbie in case modding. This is my first case modding using a liquid cooling set up. I started this little project of mine last Christmas but until now still not able to finish...
  3. Solara2xb

    Project Lan PC - Cooler Master Storm Scout

    Hey All, Updated Status as of 03/09/12 of my "Storm Scout" LanPC.. I had some problems with the ASRock 970 MB and after contact ASRock they had me RMA the board. I seem to have a board with bad sata ports. You can read about the problem I had on one of the post and threads I started...
  4. Skyguy

    Cooler Master Storm Scout

    Cooler Master has been launching several new cases lately, and the Scout is the second in their new CM: Storm series lineup. A "gamer case" can be a mixed bag but Cooler Master seems to have nailed it so far. While the Scout is smaller than its big brother, the Sniper, there are several robust...