1. killjoyjim

    Catzilla Score

  2. Kung Pow

    New Build, need some OC and score validation.

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share some info with you:) Soon I will begin my Little Devil White build, and before I set the whole thing under water in the case I have set up a testsystem in order to check all the parts and their overclockability. Its a Maximus V Formula GTX 680 Lightning (SLI as...
  3. realneil

    Post Your Peacekeeper Benchmark Score!

    Post Your Peacekeeper Benchmark Score! (I saw this over at arstechnica, in their open forum) This benchmark appears CPU bound and should be a good indicator of how snappy navigating websites will be. The benchmark runs in your browser. It takes about 5 minutes to complete. Chrome seems to...
  4. SkorpinokNOR

    low 3dmark score...

    Heyhey i recently ran 3DMark11 and my score was painfully low. i was just wondering if anyone have any thoughts of why? i'm thinking the main reason could be my relatively old graphics card. not that everything else is up to date, but. hehe. and am i way off thinking that my harddrives might...
  5. shattered.likeness

    Intelligence test: How do you score?

    I found this some years back, and don't know why I haven't posted it up here yet. LOL So, let's see how intelligent our forum members are by taking this test. Don't worry, its actually fun, and makes you think. There is an example on each of the pages of what you have to do, and remember...

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