1. Mystikhol9

    ASUS or Sapphire?

    With the grand tech event coming up (Black Friday), I find myself torn between two names, Sapphire and ASUS. Right now, R9 280's are priced pretty close to the 270x, so if I can shake or dig enough coin out of the couches, then that's where the money will go. SAPPHIRE DUAL-X 100373L Radeon R9...
  2. TeeBlack

    Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Vapor-X 8GB

    Specification:- - GPU: Hawaii XT - Litecoin Hash Rate: 850-1000 - Stream Processors: 2816 - ROPS: 64 - Core Speed: 1030MHz - Memory Speed: 5500Mhz - Memory interface: 512-Bit - Memory capacity: 8192MB GDDR5 - PCI-Express X16 lane required - 600W or greater PSU required - Power...
  3. xelosia

    Sapphire Unveils Atomic 990FX Motherboard with FC Water Block

    Sapphire Unveils Atomic 990FX Motherboard with FC Water Block | techPowerUp
  4. TeeBlack

    SAPPHIRE to use 8GB of RAM on its upcoming Radeon R9 290X VAPOR-X GPU

    Source: SAPPHIRE's upcoming Radeon R9 290X VAPOR-X features 8GB of RAM | TweakTown
  5. T

    Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Vapor X or Toxic Edition?

    Hey guys, I just came across this video and I never knew that a Toxic Edition of the R9 270 X existed. I'm looking to upgrade my video card with not something quite pricey and this looks like to be among the best choices. What do you suggest? I think that the Toxic Edition is the best one like...
  6. Cyberburnout

    Sapphire Letting Clients Test HD 9970 Curacao XT Graphics Card

    We already provided you with the latest and most up-to-date rumours of AMD’s next series of graphics cards last week. The HD 9000 series from AMD will be spearheaded by the HD 9970 flagship and apparently Sapphire has been giving select clients and customers access to the HD 9970 to test...
  7. Carnyakam

    Sapphire 7770 Question

    I have the card OC'd and the temps are reaching about 73-75, are those temps still safe?, i happen to do a Google search and i found another forum that said that as long as it is under 80-85, it should be fine and that the fan does not run at 100%, under Haven it runs at about 47%. I would much...
  8. TeeBlack

    Sapphire 7990 Atomic

    Sapphire's new dual-GPU Atomic HD7990 6GB will redefine your GPU dreams :: TweakTown
  9. Carnyakam

    Trying my hand at Sapphire HD 7770 with Heaven

    Using MSI Afterburner (don't see how to take a screen shot) (and didn't think to log GPU-Z) Core Voltage is set to auto scale. Power Limit +5 Core Clock (base 1100) set to 1200MHz Memory Clock (base 1300) set to 1400MHZ Fan speed kept at auto Base score: 685 Above settings: 746 2nd try Limit...
  10. xelosia

    Sapphire Radeon HD 7790 Dual-X

    QUOTE Sapphire Radeon HD 7790 Dual-X Pictured, Tested | techPowerUp
  11. Doctor_Death

    Work Log for Sapphire Project

    I'll have the Switch 810 back from being painted by the end of next week, we kept the black interior and went with the silver metal flake, the artwork and Sapphire logo on on the right side panel, and our Pure OC's logo on the left side panel along the side of the window. Photos can be seen in...
  12. vinman

    Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor X

    Anyone know if there is a full cover water block available for this card I am going to redo my system and with my loop already in place I wanted to replace my 460 with the HD 7770 Vapor X I did a few search's but cant find a block for this card any suggestions or help on this would be appreciated
  13. Yes!Asian!

    SAPPHIRE 4890 1GB question

    SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X 100269VXL Radeon HD 4890 1GB Hello guys, i see someone sell this card for $60. Is it worth it if i buy this card to upgrade from mine? I am on a really tight budget and I am not a gamer. Just want something more decent than now. Or any of you have something good around this...
  14. Cyberburnout

    Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X Ghz Edition unboxing.

    This is the wonderful prize I won in week 2 of the Summer Giveaway Sponsored by Sapphire Technology! Wanted to share with everyone. Thanks Sapphire Technology and Pure OC for this awesome GPU. As you see Sapphire does a great job of applying art work to their boxes. On this one we have the...
  15. Doctor_Death

    Sapphire Giveaway Winners Names Announced

    The Sapphire Giveaway has now ended, and two lucky forum members have won a HD7700 GHz Edition Vapor-X video card. I would like to thank our good friends at Sapphire for supporting Pure OC's Annual Summer Giveaway! And the winners are: Cyberburnout & Killjoyjim Congrats Guys ! :toast...
  16. Doctor_Death

    Week 3 Of Pure OC's Annual Summer Giveaway Sponsored by Sapphire!

    Week 3 Of Pure OC's Annual Summer Giveaway has now started ! We would like to give Sapphire a big thanks for sponsoring this weeks giveaway! We have two Sapphire HD7770 Vapor-X video cards up for grabs! For a chance to win one of these cards, all you have to do is two things, reply to this...
  17. Skyguy

    Sapphire Radeon 7870 FleX

    The Sapphire 7870 FleX supports Eyefinity out of the box, without any need for special monitors or adapters. It's great tech, but can this card bring enough horsepower to support great Eyefinity gaming at extreme resolutions? Click Sapphire Radeon 7870 FleX for the full review.
  18. Skyguy

    Sapphire 7950 FleX

    This Sapphire 7950 FleX takes advantage of the increased horsepower from AMD's latest generation, with a more powerful GPU and a boost of GDDR5 memory to 3GB, looking to bring Eyefinity gaming experiences to the diehard enthusiasts. Click Sapphire 7950 FleX for the full review.
  19. Irocing

    Sapphire 7970 OC Edition

    Here's some interesting reading on the Sapphire 7970 OC Edition for a few of us running this card. I run AB instead of Trixx but does the same thing. Started from scratch as to the settings already, And may help even for those running other than this 7970. [H]ard|OCP Mobile - Overclocking -...
  20. Doctor_Death

    Sapphire Gaming PC Giveaway

    Hi Guys! Sapphire will be giving away a unique custom modified gaming PC built by UK case modder Tom "Snail " Portsmouth. Tom used a Lian Li PC-U6 case, Intel 2500K chip, Sapphire H67 motherboard and a Sapphire HD7950 graphics card. To enter the contest, and take a look at Tom's work log...