1. bundymania

    [Bundymania User Review] 4x 1080 Monster Radiator - Roundup

    Welcome to my current review ! Some of you might know the terms faster, higher, longer from some kinds of sports, but there are as well other meanings especially concerning the pc water-cooling sector! Enthusiasts with high end systems need a cooling solution with a great cooling performance...
  2. bundymania

    [Bundymania User Review] Triple Radiator (360) Roundup with 22 Rads !

    [Bundymania User Review] Triple Radiator (360) Roundup with 22 Rads !! :thumbsupbig: :)
  3. bundymania

    [Bundymania User Review] 6 Fullcover Waterblocks for HD7970 - Roundup

    Hello guys, In this review I would like to give you a broad overview concerning the current watercooling-solutions for the beloved HD 7970 graphic card from AMD. Some of the coolers might fit to the smaller brother card 7950. You will find the information about the compatibility to this card in...
  4. Skyguy

    H67 Motherboard Roundup

    Today we are looking at a roundup of five different H67 motherboards from ASUS, ASRock, ECS and Gigabyte. Remember there's no overclocking here, but if you want something still powerful but less expensive, then this may be the course for you. Each of these motherboards are promising in...
  5. Skyguy

    ASUS P9X79 Motherboard Roundup

    Today we have three motherboards from their new X79 lineup for review. Each of these boards share many similarities but also some distinct differences, and rather than splitting them up into separate reviews, we've decided to compile them all into one big roundup. It's a one-stop shop for some...
  6. bundymania

    [Bundymania User Review] Triple Radiator (360) Roundup !

    Hello Guys, If you take a look back on the Watercooling-Solutions-Market, you might have noticed that many new products, especially new types of Radiators were launched. Therefore i would like to give a short overview of the new candidates in my new Triple-Radiator-Comparison. It looks like...
  7. Deton

    Thermal Compounds Roundup

    Thermal compound play an important role in computer and electronic cooling, it can make or break your cooler cooling performance efficiency. Currently we have over hundreds thermal interface materials available on the market. They are all claims to be the best for overclockers, the best thermal...
  8. Skyguy

    Lamptron Fan Controller Roundup

    We look at three fan controllers from Lamptron to suit various budgets and needs: the FC-4, FC-5 V2, and the Touch. From entry level to premium touch sensitive controls, let's see what these controllers have to offer. Click for the full review.
  9. L

    Battlefield 3 GamesCom news roundup

    GamesCom has ended, and DICE didn’t just reveal a ton of Battlefield 3 news, screenshots and videos, Battlefield 3 pretty much stole the show (and received the “Best in show” award as well). Here’s a complete roundup of the news at GamesCom, and all the game features that have been confirmed...
  10. Drdeath

    Official CPU head to head roundup

    Pure OC members, the day has come. This is the official CPU head to head roundup. I will be posting head to head benchmarks of AMD and Intel CPU's for a direct comparison at stock speeds and 4GHz for a core for core comparison. The hardware used will be exactly the same with exception to...
  11. Skyguy

    Core i7 CPU Water Block Roundup

    Intel Core i7 processors are phenomenal overclockers, but they also produce a massive amount of heat, so they are prime candidates for water cooling. As a result, we decided to set out with a mission in mind to take several of the “best” CPU water blocks on the market and evaluate them...