1. automaton

    upgrade asus 990fx sabertooth 8350 samsung 830 reinstall

    how can i clean my samsung 830 read a quick format also magician 3.4 has secure erase what is the answer?:rotf:
  2. Drdeath

    Had to reinstall windows 7

    Title says it all &$^%#^%()(**&(*&U)_(()_ Had a continuous loop and a solid screen. It is a major problem
  3. shattered.likeness

    Guide: Never reinstall your games, ever again!!!

    Ok, so I told everyone that I would write a guide on how to backup your games, so that they are still there after reinstalling Windows. This is a relatively simple process, and you will only need to do this once per game. This also works with programs, although I can’t guarantee that it will...