1. D

    Looking for recommendations for new GPU

    I would like to get some opinions as to what is a decent video card for basically basic display purposes on a 2 monitor setup. I'm not a gamer so I really don't need anything special since virtually any video card would probably suit my purposes (all business related display purposes) However I...
  2. T

    New extreme build - need advice and recommendations

    Hi all, I'm building a new custom pc and I need advice and recommendations. Here's my parts lists: Case: Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower (Black) CoolerMaster Cosmos II Ultra Tower [RC-1200-KKN1] - $369.00 : PC Case Gear CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K Extreme Edition 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor...
  3. Doomas

    NAS server recommendations

    Maybe someone can recommend cheap, but powerful (nothing special, will be used for storage some data, stream movies, etc - general home use) NAS dual HDD server ? I was looking something like that... ZyXEL NSA325 or QNAP TS-212
  4. kewlbreze77

    Recommendations for PC Build (music recording/video editing)

    So one of my troops deployed with me currently wants me to teach him how to build his first computer. I asked him what the purposed of his computer was for: he records his own music and does video editing. His budget is going to be around $1500-$2000 max. We're not going W/C, but I will be...
  5. MattyMatt

    Fan recommendations Antec 620 and H100

    Long story short, I want to set up push-pull on these. I would prefer effective fans that are not noisy. I have got a black and blue theme going and dont want LEDs on the fan, dont want to clip them. I would prefer slim fans, rather than the standard thick ones. Right now I am looking at the...
  6. A

    Memory Recommendations for ASRock Z75 Pro3 LGA 1155 Intel Z75 & Intel i5-3570K CPU

    Memory Recommendations for ASRock Z75 Pro3 LGA 1155 Intel Z75 & Intel i5-3570K CPU I'm building a gaming/media PC and would like some recommendations for memory. I guess maybe in a good, better, best fashion as I am building on a somewhat of a budget. Here is a link to the mother...
  7. kewlbreze77

    HTPC Case Recommendations

    So i'm looking at crossing over to intel, so I was looking at using my ASrock 990fx fatality and 1090 BE as a HTPC. Looking for recommendations, the biggest deal for me is that it can be hidden away since it'll be placed in my built-in cabinet.
  8. Quicksilver7714

    Looking for a graphics card need help and recommendations.

    So I'm going to be putting together my first desktop system and I am wanting some help on picking out a suitable graphics card. I'm currently looking at the ATI Sapphire HD7770 Vapor - X card or possibly an Nvidia GTX560 Ti. But I don't know to much about them. My first question what is a...
  9. Doomas

    Keyboard and mice recommendations

    I need some recommendations for keyboard and mice. Keyboard - well, I have one on my mind - SideWinder X4.. Mice, that different story, right now I am using Roccat Kova and happy, but for new build I would like something different. Any suggestions ? Purpose - gaming (well, not to much, but...
  10. Doomas

    Full tower case - recommendations ?

    Can you help me - 2 cases that I am like and suitable for water, almost same price, only asking for your opinion... No1 - No 2 -...
  11. SamCR3

    Recommendations on self-contained water cooler

    My CPU cooler just isn't up to a 4GHz OC, so I'm thinking of switching over to water cooling. I'm hoping to get idle temps in the low 30 degree C and no higher than 55 degrees C under load. I would like to get a self-contained unit like the H80. My budget is about $100. Also, I think I might...
  12. Doomas

    Plasma or LCD for 3D TV – recommendations require.

    Finishing building my first HTPC that able to play 3D, and start looking for 46`` 3D TV, but never was really in to that, that why any help will be very helpful. I do not planning spend top money for the best product, I need just product that do the job that was created to do.
  13. shattered.likeness

    Request: Recommendations on what GPU's to get

    Ok, I've been looking back thorough the reviews, and I've seen that the GTX 580 beats the HD6970 in almost every game on the market. However, from a cost/performance consideration, what would be the better choice to go with? I am currently using 3x 22" monitors, and would love to run games on...
  14. Skyguy

    Recommended Cases for Watercooling

    Thought I'd start a list for people to input their thoughts on recommended cases for watercooling. Certainly there are some great cases out there that are better suited than others, so here's a beginner's list of some that I think would work. Please add your suggestions to the list...