1. dragonblogger

    2014 Razer Blade

    Anyone have the new 2014 Razer Blade and what do you think of it? I am talking about the one with 3200x1800 resolution and touch screen. My wife bought me one as a Christmas present and it should arrive tomorrow, so any recommendations, tips or things I should do with it when it arrives?
  2. xelosia

    The new Razer BlackWidow Chroma

    Razer BlackWidow Chroma - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AnandTech | Razer Announces Chroma Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset
  3. vinman

    Razer Tartarus

    Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad - Membrane Keypad for Gaming - Razer United States I thought this was a pretty cool gaming pad from Razer the Razer Tartarus Anyone have any experience with it and if so how did you like it.
  4. Shell_Shock

    Razer's Modular Computer- Project Chrisine

    This looks amazing, too bad it'll be the new Mac of the PC world. The price is a little high, and i gurentee we are going to have buy the Razer upgrade modules, adn those won't be cheap either. Project Christine - Concept Trailer - YouTube Concept Project Christine
  5. xelosia

    Razer's Modular Desktop PC Concept

    Concept Project Christine
  6. realneil

    Win a nice looking PC gaming bundle from Origin PC and Razer.

    Win a nice looking PC gaming bundle from Origin PC and Razer. Swifty PC Giveaway
  7. L

    Razer's new Surround software turns your stereo headset into a 7.1 home theater

  8. K

    Razer Heart of the Swam Contest

    New contest come from Razer and Blizzard Designed specifically for the critically acclaimed StarCraft II series, the Razer Spectre, Razer Marauder and Razer Banshee all feature customizable backlighting to match the color scheme of your battlestation. Showcase your overwhelming...
  9. K

    New razer giveaway

    It's fun& easy, give it a shot and share it to your friend, u'll be a winner: Win New Razer Blade Contest
  10. L

    Razer New DeathAdder 2013

  11. Doomas

    Razer Game Booster

    Today in my mail arriver advertisement of this - Razer Game Booster Anybody have shot of this ?
  12. xelosia

    Razer Naga gaming mouse requires always-on Internet connection

    Channelx99, a poster on the overclock.net forums, says that the Razer Naga gaming mouse comes with special drivers that require your computer to be connected to the Internet at all times in order to play -- and this means that the mouse was useless when it was first plugged in, because...
  13. K

    Using macros with a Razer Imperator 2012 mouse

    Hello all, I'm new. And indeed a n00b, as this question will probably demonstrate. I've just acquired a handsome new Imperator mouse from Razer, and earlier tonight I made my first foray into the mysteries of the macro. Specifically, I was hoping to use it for Skyrim; I'm a mage, and when...
  14. L

    Razer Battlefield 3 Accessories!

  15. Skyguy

    Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

    Over the last decade, Razer has branched into a range of gaming peripherals and accessories, but their mice have always formed the core of their product lineup and claim to fame. Always looking to push the boundaries, Razer has another mouse on the market, the Imperator. Like most...
  16. Skyguy

    Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

    The DeathAdder is a popular gaming mouse, but can it stand tall in today's market? Read HERE to find out.