1. xelosia

    Corsair aquiries Raptor Gaming

    Corsair aquiries Raptor Gaming Raptor Gaming is now a part of Corsair
  2. automaton

    wd raptor 450gb

    I am using a program called speccy its from ccleaners company piriform it is similar to hw monitor I find all the temp readings close to the bios One thing thats weird is it says my hd is sata3 is there any other hardware way in windows or the bios to validate that I had the machine built and I...
  3. Skyguy

    HEC Raptor 1100CM

    In today's economy many people need to be frugal, which is often very difficult when shopping for a kilowatt power supply. But today we're looking at the HEC Raptor 1100CM power supply, a kilowatt modular unit that promises power for those on a tighter budget. Click HERE for the full review.
  4. salmonsteve

    Raptor X 10,000 rpm noisy?

    Anyone here have a a raptor x HD any1 else notice how noisy it is? coz mine is, considering selling it and just using my normal 7200 rpm since i just got my first pc (ive been using a pc thats six yrs old now p4 1.4ghz 512mb ram windows XP ) i cnt really compare the difference in speed ...