1. bullydog

    [Need to Rant] BF3 account was hacked!!!

    Sorry just need to share this out of anger and frustration. On Wednesday when i finished my last game of BF3 i logged off and shut down as usual, then on Thursday evening when i tried logging in Origin prompted me that my origin id and password was incorrect, thinking it was a glitch i changed...
  2. Kung Pow

    Watercooling Results (Opinions and Comparisons please!)

    I have been playing around with my newly build setup and would like you guys to both evaluate and judge my results:) Here a pic of my build: (By now I have done some cable management and shortened the tubing and got the 580 Lightning in the top slot) Here are also some with Lighting(which is...
  3. Deton

    WazzUp Rant with YouTube Hardware Review?

    Because of YouTube and digital camera, hardware sites or wanna to be a reviewer are flooding the internet with the armature one man show video reviews. I can count on my finger tips of a small number of good and professional video reviews, the rest are garbage and waste of time. I don't...
  4. Gareth

    Intel Pushpin fan (rant)

    /Rant What is with these horrible push pin processor fan connections, they're horrible to install. For the majority of the computers I build, I can only get 3 of the 4 in! Which means I have to go back and start again, forcing the 4th into the hole. Anyway, I want to put new thermal paste onto...