1. joshjaks

    240 thick vs 280 reg radiators

    I was doing some math trying to figure what radiator would do better. In theory, 38mm thick 240mm rad should be slightly better than a 25mm thick 280mm rad. The total area volume of the first is 1,904,400 cubic mm. The second is only 980,000 cubic mm. However, math doesn't always add up to...
  2. TeeBlack

    Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis. New line of Radiators.

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  3. TeeBlack

    EK new CoolStream PE series radiators

    EK releases brand new CoolStream PE series radiators | EKWaterBlocks
  4. Deton

    Xspc ex series radiators

    XSPC is going to release another variants of EX series radiators. Multiport version Crossflow Version
  5. Deton

    Stackable Rads Available By Swiftech

    They will be available at your local stores by this week or next. This is another alternating performance upgrade from TC or Feser for a low cost. http://www.swiftech.com/products/MCR320-QP.asp
  6. grumpydaddy

    Watching for the Monsta

    Watercooling is gonna get a monsta ...a rad that is 4inches thick..or so it seems http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8224/ex-rad-141/Feser_Monsta_420360_Xchanger_Triple_140mm_Xtreme_Performance_Radiator_-_Coming_Soon_.html?tl=g30c95s667&id=juZViH5v some of the details: Some Features: - It will...
  7. grumpydaddy

    Radiators, fans, performance

    I've been digging around the sites for various info about the effect of fan speed (and therefore noise) on the cooling effect of radiators and have concluded that Going for a 2000 ish rpm fan setup gives me the option to slow things down when not under high load conditions. This decision seems...