1. Gu3

    XSPC Rad?

    Hey Guys, Looking at a RAD for my boy's machine, which is in a Corsair 760T (Arctic) and I'm looking at this. Has anyone used this RAD? Opinions? It's $99 on it's own...which is a bit more expensive than a plain old black Rad, but I think it would look pretty good in the Arctic White case...
  2. Gu3

    Corsair 760T Rad

    Guys, My Son's PC is in a Corsair 760T (White), and I was thinking of using this: Black Ice Nemesis 360GTX Ultra Stealth Dual-Core Xtreme Profile Radiator - White by Hardware Labs (White color) for his Rad. Anybody used a 360 in the top position of the 760T? I'm just having a look, and it...
  3. M

    rad fans what to do?

    Still not sure what to do here. A few dumb questions. Sorry if this has been asked but I could not find it. My rig has intake fans at the front of case and exhaust at the back. I'm going to top mount the 360 rad. Question is which do I do. 1 have the air go from inside the case to out 2 have...
  4. T

    Way bigger rad, way higher temps?

    for about 5 months i have been using a thermaltake 2x120 mm radiator on my fx8350@4.7 ghz and never saw temps go above 43c, i have now switched over to a black ice stealth 420, this thing was probably twice the size of my old rad, i ran all new hose (in same order) i even replaced the cheapo AMD...
  5. Primochill

    NEW - Primochill Hex 2-Layer Rad Grillz

    Hello Fellow PureOC Members, Just popped by to show you guys another early preview of one of the many NEW Primochill Product's we are releasing in 2013. NEW PrimoChill Hex 2-Layer Rad Grillz NEW Black Verions of our PrimoChill Hex 2-Layer Rad Grillz: These are just a few examples of...
  6. Pwnography6

    The Water Dungeon (Rad Box)

    So I have had my Danger Den Torture Rack for nearly a year now and I still love it. But after a recent routine loop clean decided it would be nice to have a separate “Rack” if you would for all my water cooling gear, Freeing up some off the space for Sub-Zero runs. I quickly jumped online to...
  7. Drdeath

    Oppps, be careful installing fans on rad!

    LOL, I have 2 rads on my system. One has Ultra Kaze fans and one doesn't and I have a fan controller so I wanted all the fans to be Ultra Kaze 3000RPM's(noisy peckers). I put the fans on second rad and the bolts were a bit too long! SH^T! One penetrated the finials! Ok, so I ordered another...
  8. SamCR3

    Best PWM fans to mount on rad?

    I have Courgar Vortex fans and, disappiontingly, the make an annoying ticking/humming sound when mounted horizontally on a radiator. Need suggestions on a good 120 MM PWM fan I can mount in a push/pull config on my 240 rad at the top of my case and connect the fans to my CPU fan header on my...
  9. bullydog

    TJ07 to Cosmos II (expense of Quad Rad)

    The thought of finding a new home for my hardware has been on my mind for the last few weeks and i have been doing lots of reading on cooler master's Cosmos II and i have been really impresseed with the features, looks and asthetics. The only thing that is holding me back on purchasing this...
  10. bullydog

    Just bought Aqua computing 480 Rad

    Finally ordered the Aqua computing, and so looking forward to its arrival:wub: Not sure why they have 2 versions Single Circuit and dual circuit, although the specifications of both are exactly the same in terms of the inlet and outlet ports. Btw, once this rad arrives and when i install and...
  11. E

    Project: Less Crappy Rad Casing.

    Well, I have a new Cubitek case, so I decided it was a good time to discard my old rad casing too. But I didn't feel like spending any money on it. The following was built from some scrap 2" benkeplate I've had laying around in the garage for two years. Completely routed by hand. Not a great...
  12. grumpydaddy

    Watching for the Monsta

    Watercooling is gonna get a monsta ...a rad that is 4inches thick..or so it seems http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8224/ex-rad-141/Feser_Monsta_420360_Xchanger_Triple_140mm_Xtreme_Performance_Radiator_-_Coming_Soon_.html?tl=g30c95s667&id=juZViH5v some of the details: Some Features: - It will...

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